Saturday, February 23, 2008

A very fun day!!!

I have a friend at church, Jennifer, who has a horse farm and raises champion horses.   Over the last 3 weeks, two babies have been born on the farm and Jared, his friend Nathan and I went out today to see them.  Jennifer gave us a tour of the farm and it was so interesting.  I learned so much!  Wait till you see the pictures of these beautiful babies!!!

This is Rosie.  And she was born 3 weeks ago.  She is one fiesty girl and we could not get close to pet her.  what is fun about Rosie is that all the other mares love her and when her mama brings her out in the field, the other mares gather around to look at her!!!  Just like we do when a new baby comes in the room.  too cute!
Did you know that these babies can run just as fast as their mamas at full speed just 24 hours after they are born?  Amazing!

This little guy was born on Valentine's Day.  He doesn't have a name yet but was the sweetest thing ever.  He came over to me and just licked and nibbled my sweatshirt.  wait till you see the video below!!!!

This video was just too cute.  Jennifer said that when you rub horses, they want to rub you back only they like to rub with their teeth!!! yikes!  Fortunately this guy doesn't have any front teeth yet!  Another thing I learned..they aren't born with teeth.

This is Doll, Jennifer's favorite and she is a world champion.  This was so funny.  Jennifer was telling us something about the horses and Doll came up and started nuzzling her neck!!

This is a HUGE horse!!  I can't remember his name, but he is a Norwegian.  He looked like a Clydsdale (sp?) and was soooo sweet!  

This is Baby Doll.  She is Doll's daughter.  She loves to show her teeth for treats!!!  Baby Doll had lost a shoe so we got to watch them fit her for a new shoe and put it on.  that was so interesting!!  And the boys walked away with several used horse shoes which they thought was very cool.   We had such a great time out there and I can't wait to watch these little ones grow!
Thanks Jennifer!!!


Christine said...

I loved the horses, Sara! They are such beautiful creatures. I'm glad you had such a fun day.

Melissa B. said...

We're watching Holden Theriault while you guys are at the lake house. I just showed Emma these pictures (my horse lover!) and she was thrilled. Thanks for posting them.
Melissa B.