Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No more dinosaur...

I am happily typing this blog on my new iMac!!!  Any of you that have known me for over 8 years know that I was completely sold out to Macs and loved mine.  When we moved to Indiana, the church had PCs and Steve needed to be able to we made the switch back to a PC.  Move forward eight LONG years (just kidding!) and my 5 year old computer is dying!  Locking up every 20 minutes, getting fatal name it.  Enter CompUSA who is going out of business and has EVERYTHING in their store on sale....yep, I bought an iMac and am loving it!!!  I am having to learn many things over again (lots of phone calls to Alyssa for help)  But this screen is just amazing!!!!  I know you can't see it, unless you have one, but take my word for's awesome!!!  I may not get anything done around the house for the next few days!!

I am also getting used to a new pair of glasses.....speaking of dinosaur.....I needed trifocals!  I have had bifocals for over 10 years.  But now when someone comes up to talk to me, they are a bit blurry and I have to take a step back.  That would be okay, but it makes people think they have bad breath or smell bad or are invading my I have just started to deal with the blurriness and not move.  But it is driving me crazy.  So I went in to talk about trifocals.   They convinced me that I didn't want to get trifocals, but wanted to change over to a progressive lens.  I had heard may horror stories about this so I was a bit leary.  However, the guy convinced me and I have my new pair.  It is not quite as bad as I had envisioned but it is very annoying.  So now I have a dilemma.  Which issue is more annoying?  Which can I put up with the least because neither option is great......we shall see!

Thanks to those of you praying for my Aunt....please keep praying.  My weekend with her was great.  I was able to get a lot done for her and cook for her which was good.  However, the doctor had good/bad news for us.  The good news is that the chemo is working and the tumors are shrinking.  The bad news is that the chemo is now worse for her than the cancer and her body can not take any more.  They are going to take her off for a period to see if she will be able to eat and gain some of her strength and stamina back and then hope to do 2-3 more months of chemo.  Please pray that she will be able to do this!!  Thanks so much!!!

Well, the kids are wondering if I will ever let them on this computer so I better get off and let someone else play with it for a while!


Elaine said...

Always nice to welcome new technology into your life. Nice to take advantage of CompUSA's demise, I guess. Bad for them. Good for you.

Mark W said...

I was 43 when I got trifocals. I had bifocals since I was twelve. I too went with the progressive, more out of vanity then anything. I too had heard the horror stories. I really didn't find them all that bad.

p.s. welcome to the old farts club!

shell said...

oh you know we LOVE macs at the walatkas! i love photobooth, so easily entertained on a boring day!