Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great Thanksgiving!!

We had so much fun with Alyssa home!! I miss her so much when she is gone. I have decided though that it is the colleges job to have bad food so that our children will have some reason to miss us!!! She walked in telling me all the foods she wanted me to fix while she was home!! Thursday, she told me that she would like to get Christmas out and decorate the tree while she was here. I was so glad she wanted to do that, however I had NO IDEA where our Xmas stuff was. I haven't looked for it since the move. So, Friday Alyssa and I set out to find it all. We had lots of fun decorating the house and finding new places for our favorite things. We got the tree set up and ready to decorate when the boys got home. Steve and Jason got home Sat. afternoon and we had our thanks giving dinner that night and then decorated the tree. We had sooooo much fun!!! We hadn't seen any of the ornaments for 2 years.....since we moved 2 days after Xmas last year, we didn't decorate our tree. So, it was great getting them out one by one and ooing and ahhing over them!! Today, we put Alyssa back on the would have been very sad but it will only be 3 weeks till she comes home again. And then she will be here for a MONTH!!! woo!! hoo!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!
Can we fit all those ornaments on the tree?!!

Jason put all "his" ornaments in the front!!
Wait! I saw that spot first!!!!


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Christine said...

This helps me be a little anxious to put ours up....I just wasn't ready this past weekend, but now I'm looking forward to it. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!