Friday, November 23, 2007

packing up all your belongs...lots of $, moving to AR...lots of emotions and work.....getting great new neighbors.....PRICELESS!

I got back from Dallas on Tuesday evening and settled back in. My neighbor to the left was picking up my mail and watching the house. So, I called her right after we drove in to go get all our stuff. She says "oh, I'll bring it over to you, I have something for you" Being as tired as I was after our trip, I didn't argue!!! A few minutes later, here comes Nancy with not only our mail, but fresh baked banana bread for us AND a plate of dinner!!! I had just convinced Jared to eat a PB&J because I was too tired to go out again and here she shows up with this was awesome. Well, we got to talking and she asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving and I proceeded to tell her how Jason and Steve were still in Florida and we were going to celebrate when they got back on Saturday. The kids and I were just going to hang out and "try" to find our Xmas decorations (another story). Well, she insisted that we come over for dinner on Thanksgiving! I didn't want to intrude on their family time, but I have to admit that I didn't put up too much resistance......Nancy is a great cook!!!

So, Wed. afternoon we head over the the Clark's house. I walk in to ablsolutely wonderful smells!!! Ones that make your mouth start watering instantly!! While we are waiting for a few things, Nancy and Mike (her husband) say "we have a funny story to tell you. On Sunday, while you were gone, we saw a truck pull up to your house. The guy backed his truck up to your garage. He rang the door bell, but when he didn't get an answer, he opened your garage and went in!!! Nancy told Mike to call the police and then she ran over to your house. She started banging on the door and the door opens with this guy holding your sons big amplifier!!! " Meanwhile, my other neighbor has seen it all and is running over too!!! Nancy yells at the guy "what are you doing here? This is not your house! Put that down because I am calling the police!" The completely stunned guy (having two grandmas face him off) spits out "wait! I am the worship pastor at their church. Steve gave me permission to come in and get this because he is gone!!! Really, I know both of them, I go to their church!" Well, he finally convinces them of his story and they let him go without calling the police!!! Hilarious!!! I can NOT wait to get Britton's side of this story and am currently making him a wanted poster for his office door!!!

Note to Steve: when you give someone permission to come in our house, tell your WIFE so that she can alert the neighbors whom she has comissioned to watch the house!!!!

Another note to Steve: you picked a GREAT neighborhood when you picked this house out!!!

Note to God: Thank you so much for my neighbors!

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