Friday, November 30, 2007

blogger woes...

Okay, I have been trying to upload pictures of Jason for THREE days now and for some reason, blogger will not accept them. I can't figure it out. Anyone ever have trouble with this? Anyway, Jason got his braces off!!! He looks soooo good!! And he is very happy about it! As soon as I figure it out, you will see his beautiful smile!

This weekend is CRAZY busy for us. Today I am spending the day decorating for a Christmas party we are hosting for IFO (International Friendship Organization) tonight at the church. This is a missions group that ministers to international students. I also have to cook 3 turkeys for it. But the party should be great. This is the only time IFO sets out during the year to present the gospel message, so please be praying for the 150 students we will have there, maybe hearing the gospel for the first time. thanks.

Tomorrow, our football team is in the state championship game!!!! It is being held at our major stadium in town. The band has to be there at 9:00am, then tailgating , then the game at 12:30. Our team is undefeated and we beat the opposing team during the season, so we are exicted to see what our team can do!!

That night we have a youth family night where we are playing a life size game of clue.....doesn't that sound like a blast?!! I am sure I will be blogging on that!!!

Sunday, our band kids are marching in a christmas parade!! Maybe it will rain? One can only hope at this point! ha!

In between all that, Steve is working on planning the funeral of a wonderful christian woman in our church that lost her battle with cancer on Thursday. Please keep her family in your prayers as they deal with this loss.

Whew! It's a busy weekend!

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