Monday, July 9, 2007

Yes, I am still alive!! It has just been crazy since we were at Abilene. I spent a week in Dallas where my aunt didn't have internet access and then when we got back, I hit the ground running. I am about to leave to drive Jared to band camp in northern Arkansas at Tech, but wanted to show you some pictures of Alyssa's college. I promise to write more later!!!

I have an official college student!! ID and all!!

ACU campus.

This is part of the food court and the entrance to the cafeteria. We didn't have food courts when I was in college....not bad!


Mark W said...

Yes, but when you were in college, they were still cooking over open fires, and eating with their hands, since silverware hadn't been invented yet! Love you guys, Miss you!

sara said...

ha! ha!