Monday, June 25, 2007


That pretty much describes my feelings today.

I am currently sitting in the lobby of a dorm on the campus of ACU while my daughter is in a DIFFERENT dorm getting to know other freshman girls. We have spent the day registering, going to meetings, eating, going to meetings, getting lost on the campus and going to more bumm is tired from sitting!!! It has been an overwhelming day on many fronts......first just realizing that Alyssa going to college is a reality is HUGE. I can't believe it is here. Then realizing that she actually LOOKS like all the other kids here, she looks like a college student....very weird! My emotions have been all over the place!

But I have to say, I LOVE this university. I am so impressed with all the profs and people that work here. I feel very comfortable that this is the right place for her. We ended the evening with a worship service in one of the auditoriums. ACU is affiliated with the Church of Christ and many of them don't use instruments in their worship. So all the songs were acapella and with people singing in complete was beautiful!!! I wish I could share the sound with you, more than 1000 people lifting their voices in harmony to God, it really was amazing and a great way to end our day!

We have a few more meetings (yea!) in the morning....I think the one where they talk about money!.....they save the best for last! ha!........then we will be heading to Dallas around noon.

In just 2 shorts months, I will be dropping Alyssa here to stay.........Wow!

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