Monday, July 9, 2007

Rain....I am officially tired of it!!!!

I have decided that everytime I get on the highway lately, it has to POUR rain! Not just a heavy rain, but the kind that you can't see the car in front of you and you can barely see the lines to know if you are in your lane. It's raining so hard you are scared to pull over because someone might not see you!! That is what I drove in, again, today. I had to take Jared to band camp in Russelville. To make it worse, the semis seemed to not notice how hard it was raining and were trucking along at FULL speed....scary, yes....even scarier when they throw waves of water onto your windshield as they was just a little stressful!!! Anyway, Jared is spending a week at Arkansas Tech University for band. He will be staying in the dorms and it looked like there were several hundred middle schoolers there! He doesn't know anyone else there....please pray he meets up with a friend! Below is a picture of him at the end of the year for band....

What a handsome boy!!!!!

For those of you that didn't know, I am starting a part time job this week. I will be working at a local pharmacy. They have a fountain and I will be working it a couple of days a week. I decided that since Alyssa will be at college and the boys are so independent, that I would get a part time job. I was going to start in the fall, but they asked if I could start, I am! It should be fun, just 10 - 3.

Now if it would just stop raining, we will also spend the rest of the summer doing the landscaping around the pool. We have a lot of work to do, we are doing it ourselves, but it has been too muddy to really get much done. I have bricks for a retaining wall and river rock being delivered tomorrow.....I hope we can get to it!

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GrangerBaxters said...

Where have you been??? I can't stand not knowing all the details of your life.. Ok, not really. I haven't checked your blog in a week. Get on the stick and tell me something good. Hey, I think I can send you pictures of my vacation.... let me try. Ok, bye!