Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We have a POOL!!!

Well, after weeks and weeks of workers, problems, workers, mess of a back yard, no workers, problems and mud.......we finally have a POOL!! The kids are currently outside playing monkey in the middle and having a blast. Yes......it was worth it!!! Especially as our days are getting hot and humid, it is a great relief!!!!

Unfortunately.......we still have MUD!!!!

It has rained a lot over the last couple of days, so all sides around the pool are mud and just a mess! We have a lot of work to do there and we are planning on doing it ourselves.....that's what teenage boys are for....free labor!!!!

We are busy getting ready to leave again on Friday. We will be dropping Jason off at the Dallas airport where he is meeting up with my mom, dad and my nephew. My parents are taking the boys on a trip to the galapagos islands.....I could not convince my parents that I needed to go too!!...but what a great time they will have with them! Hayden and Jason are 4 months apart in age.....think my parents can handle them?! We shall see!!Then we are heading to Abilene, TX to ACU for college orientation....I am not ready for this, but Alyssa is extremely excited. It really should be fun. On Wed. the 27th, we will head back to Dallas and put Steve and Alyssa on a plane to come back to Little Rock. Jared and I are staying with my aunt until Jason comes back on July 2. I am very close to my aunt and she was diagnosed with cancer last year. So it will be a great time for us to just hang out together!! I most likely will not be able to blog while I am gone. My Aunt doesn't have a computer much less internet, but will fill you all in when we get back.

In the midst of all this, we are interviewing youth pastors. Please be praying that the HS would guide our church leaders as they go through this process.

Well, I need to go out and break up a fight...some things never change!

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GrangerBaxters said...

I'll be over as soon as I find my floatees... Dang, now I really do have to get a pool...