Monday, May 28, 2007

Girls Weekend!

well, this blog is a week over due, but last weekend my friend Wendi and I took Friday and Sat to tour the wine country of Arkansas....yes, there are wineries in Arkansas. It was a great weekend and the views from the state parks were spectacular. This first picture is from Mt. Nebo. Here we saw 2 guys getting ready to jump off the top and hang glide to the bottom...wild!
We were planning on staying at a bed and breakfast Friday night, but we got there and were met by a lady with a VERY raspy voice and a house reeking of smoke. When we told her that we didn't think we could stay, her comment (in her very raspy voice) it that bad? I thought one of my customers was smoking yesterday. Okay...the house smelled like someone chain smoked in it for TWENTY YEARS! Wendi and I have had a good laugh about her. So, we found a hotel near by and then spent Sat. at Petie Jean state park. We spread a blanket in front of this view below and had a picnic, read books, talked and basically just relaxed ALL day. The weather was beautiful and it was about as perfect a day as you could get!!!

Arkansas has some beautiful country! This was all within 2 hours of our house!! today we are heading out to a lake about an hour from here to boat with some friends from church. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!

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