Thursday, May 31, 2007

beautiful and funfilled Memorial Day

Monday we headed off to a very large manmade lake in AR. It is a gorgeous lake and like many in AR is protected from housing. AR is "the natural state" and they do not allow lakehouses, etc to be build along the shore lines of the lake. So, what you get is a beautiful view all day!!! Instead of lake houses then, the people have boat houses that can be parked in any alcove along the is very cool! We had soo much fun and below are just a few of the pictures!

the view from the deck of the house boat, show just "part" of the lake.

Enjoying some snacks on the top deck of the Ingram's house boat.

This is the view of the house boat as we pulled away to go tubing.

Jason and Austin goofing off!!! They didn't stay like that for long!!

Jared had a blast in these paddle boat canoes! There were a lot of fun!

The boys and Ashley all started jumping off the top of the houseboat. Because of cliffs the water even at the edge is over 50 feet deep. This was fun to watch!

What a great and relaxing day we had!!! Can't wait to go back again! Thanks Allison and Jim Mark for having us!

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GrangerBaxters said...

You are livin the life!!! Miss you can't wait to see you.