Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, I was tagged by my friend Shelly on her blog yesterday and need to come up with seven random things about myself. So, after some thought, here is what I came up with...

1. I have always wanted a tatoo, but am too chicken to get one....I don't like pain!

2. I was an exchange student to Spain my junior year in high school.

3. I, basically, proposed to my husband. (after a month of dating, I told him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and wanted to marry him. He didn't believe me.....guess I was right!)

4. I love the Water!!! Lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, pools.....doesn't matter.

5. I road an ostrich once.

6. I am afraid of horses.

7. I would one day love to be able to go to the US Open....I love tennis!

There it is. Now I am supposed to tag 7 friends that are bloggers.....sadly, I only have one friend who blogs and she tagged me.....wait...I do have one other friend who blogs.....Mark W. Consider yourself tagged!


shell said...

yahooo!!! that was so fun, i cannot believe you rode an ostrich! :)
we will be at alyssas open house, it is on the calander! she will not believe how big the kids have gotten! love ya!

genben said...

what an interesting idea. I think I'll have to borrow it for my page. Maybe you can count me as one of your 7.