Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, the pool has been started and it is already quite the experience.....nothing is easy!! They got started well and it was fun to see this guy work this large piece of equipment in a small space....

Fun......until I realized how small a space he was working in! I was up on my deck watching him and then looked down and realized that his rear tired was VERY close to the stilts that hold up the deck that i was standing on....i was bringing my fingers to my mouth to whistle at him and get his attention when he turned the backhoe and SNAPPED the pole!!! My exact thought at that moment was "this is not going to be good for me!" Fortunately, it was not a main support for the deck!!!!

So, it took the guy the rest of the day to fix the deck and put off digging for another day. We soon realized the next day that he was going to run out of room for the dirt he was digging out! We will need some of it, but dirt expands as you dig it out. Soooo, we will have to have someone come in and remove some of the dirt on Thursday.

But that night, we had a HUGE storm pass through and now we have a POOL!!!! yuck! This is definitely going to be a process....and a messy one!!!!

The pipe you see on the left side of the picture is our sewer line. It ends up that it wasn't as deep as they thought and will have to be rerouted......great! I can't wait to see what this looks like in the END!
Well, the pool IS keeping us "entertained" and busy, but we do still have a life! Jason finished high school baseball this week and the next day started his summer league. We are really enjoying going to the parks and watching him play. He has settled in to catcher and his doing a great job!!! Jared is busy with his french horn and practicing to try out for the Little Rock Youth Symphony! Alyssa is busy working and getting ready to go to college. I am busy trying to keep everything together and flowing smoothly!!!!
Today is supposed to be SUNNY!!! I am looking forward to that!

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GrangerBaxters said...

TOOO Funny. I am jealous you are getting a pool, but not so much jealous of the issues!!! Let me know when it's done & I be right over!! Love you!