Sunday, April 29, 2007

coming along!

Well, we have a frame for the pool and it is starting to actually look like a pool!!! They will be coming back on Monday to pour the cement for the bottom of the pool and the footings.

It is still a bit of a mess though!!!! Hopefully by Monday this water will dry up. They pumped out all the other water and my neighbor behind me was not too happy! I guess it all went in her yard...she is down hill from me.....

Before they put the walls up, the sewer guys came in and rerouted our sewer line. I am hoping there will be no more surprises in this process.....I am not holding my breath though!

Alyssa got her hair cut and highlighted this week! It is so cute and makes her look much older...not sure how I feel about that. It is hard to see the style in this picture, but it is razor layered and it really looks nice. The highlights are really great on her too!!! She got her fall schedule in the mail this week for ACU...this is really becoming a reality....I KNOW how I feel about that....I don't like it!!

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