Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thanks Mark for making me realize that I didn't give you an update on Alyssa's job situation. Most of you know that she was laid off from CompUSA. They really took care of her and gave her a full 2 weeks severance package. Anyway, last week, she was interviewing with Kohls and Circuit City. Both had asked her back for final interviews. Well, on Thursday Alyssa gets a call from the manager at CompUSA. He tells her that they are having to fire someone and would really like it if she would come back! I was so proud of Alyssa because she was very cool.....she says "well, I am currently interviewing with these other companies and would like to see how that soon do you need to know?" He tells her by Monday and she says ok. Well, she gets off the phone and about dies. I tell her that my opinion is...she loved working there, they really took care of her, there would be no learning back and ask what the chances are of her getting laid off again and then make your choice according to their answer. So that is what she did. They told her since she was replacing an existing job, the chances of her getting laid of were slim to none and so she said she would love to come back! She was sooooo happy. When she went back that Monday, they told her they were giving her a raise for coming back!!!! So basically, she had a 2 week paid vacation and got a raise for it! Can't beat that!

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