Thursday, April 5, 2007

My how time flies!!!!!

My BABY turned 18 yesterday!!! Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! Eighteen years ago, I looked into the face below and couldn't believe how God had blessed me and Steve!

Now I look into the face below and still can't believe how God has blessed me and Steve!!!! What a wonderful young woman she has become.

Alyssa and I spent the day yesterday shopping and hanging out. We had so much fun!!! I am really going to miss her when she goes off to college!!

Now I have to get ready for Easter and Steve's birthday. Yes, his birthday falls on Easter this will be a busy day!!!


GrangerBaxters said...

Happy B-Day Alyssa. You are so old.... Only 30 years to catch me :) Man Sara, you've been a busy little blogger this week :) We actually opened the season yesterday - it was 33 degrees at game time. We didn't have anyone to play 2nd base since Steve wasn't here. It was embarassing...but the D-Backs were so nice, they sent us a back up 2nd base player so we are saved now... Miss you, love you, see you, ok, I'm done now.

Linda said...

I have been thinking about your family lately. It has been several weeks since we have been able to be at church. Tonight at the Good Friday service I caught myself looking for the Bowyers. duh. Just so you know that you are missed. I received your letter awhile ago and set it aside knowing that I needed to respond to you somehow it was great hearing the updates so if you send another one out please include us.
Please tell Alyssa Happy Birthday and what a cute baby/now beautiful young lady.
Take care you guys,
Linda Marks