Friday, March 2, 2007


Well, Jared has recovered and went to school...just in time for Friday! I have been working on picking out paint for my family room...not my forte and I am struggling to get the right color. I know what I want in my head, but can't seem to find it. I wish I was better at that!!

Jared's competition got cancelled tomorrow, his teacher's wife is in labor. So, looks like I bought a suit for no reason....he does look good in it though!!! :)

Jason was asked by the varsity coach to come to tonight's varsity game as a pinch runner!!! He was very excited about that! First to make the JV team and then get to play varsity as a freshman is very cool!

Not much else is going on. My plans this weekend are to paint and plant pansies in my front yard!

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GrangerBaxters said...

Hey, quit bragging on your early spring...we're freezin' 'ere... Miss you a bunch :)