Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well, wanted to give you some pictures of life in little rock. Here is a picture of Alyssa in her uniform going off to work this morning. She is so much like her mom....this is the best smile I could get out of her...not a morning person!!! :)
Jason had his first baseball game last night. How fun to be back out at the field...we LOVE it! He had an awesome night, good hits, several stolen bases and a good night behind the plate. Here are some funny thing...ALL the parents were FREEZING at the game. One even had a gas hunting heater at her feet to keep warm. You would have thought it was 20 degrees or something........Steve and I were thinking "wow, this is the temp at games in JUNE in Indiana" Very thin around here!

Jason at bat.

I hope to have some pictures of Jared at his Band competition this Saturday....I say hope because he is still down with the flu and I am beginning to wonder if he will make it. Even if he feels better, I am not sure he will have the lung capsity to play his french horn.

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GrangerBaxters said...

Dang, It's snowing here...we are freezing and it's 35 days until our home opener. Could you send some heat this way, PLEEEEZ??? :) Still missing you guys, I look at your house everytime I go to McDonald's - you know that's alot. Well, we'll be planning even more trips there now that the Ely's are moving to the Southern US,... Let's see, Little Rock to South Carolina via Kansas... sounds like fun :).