Sunday, January 7, 2007

What an amazing day!!

Things are starting to come together. I almost feel like I am coming out of a fog as we are starting to feel settled and as I look around I feel so blessed! We really have a wonderful house in a great neighborhood, the boys are in schools that are good for them and God has brought us to a wonderful church!! As I sat through our "first" service today, I just couldn't get over the feeling of wonder and amazement that God would choose to bless us so much! wow!

The worship time was awesome today and then the elders commissioned Steve. They first talked about where they had come and how God had led them through the long process. Then they prayed scripture over Steve...that was so cool. Then they had our whole family come up and all the staff and search committee. They had Steve kneel in the front and they laid hands on him and prayed for and commissioned him. It was truly beautiful!! On each chair in the sanctuary they had a prayer packet for each person to take home with 31 days of prayer for Steve and our family and challenged the congregation to fervently pray for us and the rest of the leaders. Then Steve spoke and just did a wonderful all felt "right". I know that my friends reading this that I have left might have a hard time with that, but it was so good, after all the heart ache of the last few months, to feel like we were exactly where God wants us....what a great place that is to be! I am really looking forward to see what all he has in store for us here! I don't know if you all know this, but on the church website you can download Steve's case you want to check up on him!!! He will be starting a study on Phil. next week. The website is

Well, I got to talk to Alyssa today...Woo Hoo!!!! She sounded great and said that she had a wonderful time...other than all the medical problems. My mom called me after they got her on the plane to Chicago and said that Alyssa handled all the medical issues so well and they just had a fabulous time with her. Now I just have 2 more weeks before I see her again. Please pray for her eyes, she still has trouble with close up vision like reading and she has a lot of that to do when she gets back to finish school...thanks!

Jared has his first day of school tomorrow. He met a boy at church today that goes to his school...another blessing. The boy is in 6th grade, but was able to tell him a lot about the school. I am anxious for him to get through this first day.

Tomrrow will be back to boxes...oh joy! But I will try to get some pictures uploaded for everyone to see!


Tori said...

So glad to hear that you are seeing and feeling God's hand in everything! Can't wait to see the pictures of your home done your way!!
Love to everyone!

atthegrand said...

It brought a smile to my face to read about your first Sunday as a senior pastor's wife. The church has done some wonderful and creative things for you to make you feel welcome. I hope that you will soon feel "at home" and comfortable with all your surroundings. Wish we ALL lived in the same city!!!!!! Kristin