Friday, January 5, 2007

Only in the South!!

Okay, so I have two guys come today to deliver my refrigerator and dryer (my washer is backordered, that is another story) and they send Steve to home depot to get more tubing for the ice maker. While we are waiting for Steve, i am talking to the guys and carrying on a conversation. I offer each of them a coke and one of them goes..."um, is that banana bread on your counter there?" And I say "yes, it is..would you like a slice?" "oh, you know, i was just askin" he says!!! ha! so i cut each of them a slice....too funny! I don't think that would happen anywhere else but in the south. That brought me a good laugh today...a much needed laugh!


shell said...
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shell said...

hey that sounds like something we would do! I bet it tasted great! We miss you!

Keith W said...

I don't like this... look out my window and see weird folks across the street. Miss you guys! Keith