Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Beautiful day!

Wow...what a gorgeous day! It was around 60 degrees, clear sky and sunny..I know you in IN don't want to hear that, but......sorry!

I decided today that I would go out exploring in the afternoon and just see what there is.....it was fun! I ended up at Home Depot because I have a new flat cook top and wanted to learn how to take care of it. As I was leaving, there was this woman with a baby and a bunch of boxes on top of her cart and she was trying to balance everything and get to her car. I asked her if she needed some help and then helped her balance it to her car. We started talking and I asked if she was moving and she said yes and so I asked if she needed any more boxes. she looked at me and said "did you just move here?" so, I told her yes and that she could have all my boxes and paper if she wanted to come get them. She looked at me and said "are you an angel?" After talking some more, I found out that her husband is a pastor too and is moving to Nevada to take on his first senior pastorate. How cool is that?! She was so excited to have the boxes and I am so excited to be able to get rid of them!!! And the bonus of finding someone who really needs them is awesome!!!! Another divine appointment....I love it!!

Sorry no pictures yet, I just haven't had time....mainly I forget when I do have time! But I will get some on soon.

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