Sunday, January 28, 2007

Perils of a new place...

So, Jason told me he needed a hair cut. I asked around and someone told me to go to supercuts and another said sports clip. Well, supercuts was closer (and I knew how to get there, important) so we headed off yesterday, waited in line and got a hair cut....well, I guess you could call it a hair cut.......the guy definitely cut some hair..........Jason was so upset!

Long story short, he decided to buzz his hair......

Without his glasses, he kind of looks like a thug! ha! Actually it made him look older...good thing hair grows back!!!
Last night, I came in our family room, it was so quiet, and there was my 17 year old and my 15 year old COLORING in coloring books while watching TV....hilarious!!!!

Guess you are never too old to color.......had I known, they would have gotten coloring books for Xmas instead of the expensive items we got them!!!!!!


spurgwife said...

You didn't tell me about the haircut fiasco. What had the guy done to it BEFORE Jason decided to buzz it? Steve laughed. A lot.

shell said...

man, tommy and hunter would have joined in! :)
sorry about the haircut. he should have shaved it all like keith!
miss you guys, i needed your microwave the other night and almost walked across the street!