Thursday, January 25, 2007

I never thought I could get so excited about laundry...

But....I HAVE MY WASHING MACHINE!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

My friend, Derek (manager of delivery, we are on a first name basis!), got me the machine first thing this morning!!! It is so nice and QUIET. I barely know that I am doing can't even hear it in the other room. How cool is that?! fit Alyssa's blanket, pillow case, and comforter in one load! wow!!! Okay, enough blubbering about my machine, but you really have no idea how exciting it is when you have gone 31/2 weeks without one.

Today was a beautiful, sunny day out...just had to put that in for my friends in the snow! Alyssa and I spent the day running errands and exploring and getting lost. It is so nice to have her here to do things all know how much I like doing things alone!! Steve has told her that she has to get to work finding a job next will be interesting to see where she lands.

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