Friday, January 5, 2007

We are here!

Whew!!! It has been an exciting, hard, fun, tiring, busy, frustrating, crazy week!!!

That pretty much sums it up. We closed on our house on Tuesday and when we did the walk through, found that the previous owners left it filthy dirty..really gross. Not just dirty from moving furniture away from the walls, but food in the sink, dirty toilets, food in the oven!, just gross. You know you just assume that people will be courteous and that someone in a nice neighborhood like this would at least clean their house.....not so! Their realtor, a guy, ended up spending 4 hours cleaning the house and then we cleaned for another 2 hours after he left. It was hard for my first glimpse of the house to be such a bad one, but once it was cleaned, the house is awesome. Steve did good! The elders/staff and spouses came that night and prayed through the house..that was such a wonderful experience!! And then the movers came the next I am up to my eye balls in boxes!!! It is so hard to figure out where you want things to go. You have in your minds eye where it was in the previous house and it just doesn't always work in the new floor plan, but it is coming together. I am concentrating on one room at a time so I don't get so overwhelmed. The kitchen is pretty much done, the family room is done, the bedrooms (minus Alyssa's which is the catch all right now) is done. I am working on the dining room and the extra room downstairs now. We have been without a washer/dryer and refrig so far. Our new ones are coming this afternoon, however I just found out that the washer will be back ordered for atleast another week....which means I probably won't get it until two weeks...nothing is ever easy! So I will be running to my friend, Wendi's, to do laundry for a while. At least I am getting my frig, we are living out of a cooler right now. Fortunately, the elders wives have been bringing us meals..that has been GREAT!

Jason started school today. There is a boy across the street who is a senior at his school and he came by last night and offered to drive Jason today and show him around! That was soooo cool. I know Jason was happy not to have to ride with his mom on the first day! All the neighbors have come by and said seems like a very friendly and nice neighborhood.

So, so far everything is good. I will be glad to get everything unpacked so that I can put my own touches on the house. I had a very hard time figuring out how the family room furniture was going to go and was getting very frustrated. Jason came in and said he would give it a try and he came up with the perfect solution!!!! It is great to have creative kids! We love it now! This house has 10 foot ceiling throughout the house with the family room vaulted and with no carpet it is very loud!! My first purchase is going to have to be some area rugs! The funny thing about the high ceilings is that in my closet the clothes rack is 6+ feet high...I need a stool to see my clothes!

Well, I need to get back to the boxes. I will try to have some pictures posted by next week. Please comment back or email me.....I am missing some friendly voices/faces!!!

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