Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well, Steve visited the two schools that we are considering for Jared. One was the school our house would go to. he said he felt it was "okay", but a pretty rough school. then he visited the music magnat school and LOVED it. He said Jared would do really well there....but we had applied and hadn't heard yet if he got in. There was a list of kids waiting to get in midterm and they had to call all of them first. So he went to the registration office to fill out the final paperwork and the lady told him that Jared was accepted!!!! And there is even a bus that will pick him up. We thought we would have to drive him everyday since it is not in our zone, but there will be a bus! Whew! Another detail worked out....yea! Please be praying that God is preparing good friends for my boys, thanks!

Well, i have a million "lists" on my kitchen counter.....what to pack for Alyssa, what to take to the Jaques', what to set aside that the packers shouldn't pack (you know they just pack anything in sight), what we are going to need for the trip...just to mention a few. I am overloaded with details and am sure a few are slipping out my ears! Actually, i know they are!

We found out yesterday that our septic has a problem with the distribution box. They are digging that up and replacing it today or tomorrow....more drama! The appraisor on our house in LR did actually "visit" the house and wrote a new appraisal, amazingly it appraised at exactly what we bought it for! What a racket that is! The owners are doing some repairs for us and Steve is going over there this morning to check it out. Two more weeks and this will be over, no more house drama...at least i hope so!!!!

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