Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay, i am officially TIRED! Tired of details, tired of goodbyes (way too hard), tired of trying to motivate my kids to finish out strong in school, tired of house drama, tired of lists (mom, can you even believe i am making them?) and just plain physically tired!! And the weather is just "perfect"...cold and rainy. I am praying there is no weather, rain or snow, on the day they are loading us up!

The kids have one more day of school and tomorrow night a friend is hosting Jared's going away party (she is a saint!) and then our small group is having a going away party for us....i am fairly certain that means more tears.....that is if i have any more!!

We plan on spending the weekend packing up the stuff we don't want the movers to take and packing Alyssa for her trip to Costa Rica. We will take Christmas day "off" and then spend the 26th putting away Christmas, getting the house ready for the movers and celebrating Jared's birthday. His birthday will be the day after we move into our house in LR and since we don't know how that will go and Alyssa won't be there, we decided to celebrate i didn't want to have to keep track of his cards and presents through the move!

Things are plugging along........

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