Monday, December 18, 2006

Day after....

Wow.....i am exhausted!!!! But it was a great weekend! I made it through 2 of the parties and both kids seemed to have a great time at them. Jason had his party in the youth room at our church. Here are some pics....

This is Jason and Joe Hopkins, one of the youth leaders at our church.

Jason built this guitar in 8th grade during a class at school and we had everyone at the party sign it for him. He plans to hang it on his wall in LR.......very cool!
So, we are down to our last week in the house......weird! Please pray for us as we finalize everything! There are a TON of details. Jason is taking all his finals this week so he can finish out his semester, so it will be busy and tiring! I think we have a lunch or dinner to go to every day. Steve is still in LR and will be back on Wed. I talked to him last night and he thought that he preached "okay", but i could tell he felt he was rusty...i'm sure he did great! But he did say that being there and in the pulpit felt "right". He has a lot to do in the next few days to nail down where Jared is going to go to school and finalize things with the house.
Last week i woke up on Monday feeling very anxious realizing that we only had two weeks left. A lot happened last week and God showed up very clearly several times. This monday, i have woken up feeling very calm and even excited with a sense of anticipation.....yea God!!!

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