Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I haven't done a post on Monthly Currents in a long time and this morning seems a good time to get back into it!

Current Read: I have not read a book in MONTHS.  But this last weekend I picked up and finished "Secrets of a Charmed Life".  I have to tell you that being able to read for fun was like having an dear friend visit.  I got lost in the story and realized how much I missed reading!  I am now starting The Nightingale.

Current Playlist: I also haven't had much time to listen to music.  But when I am in my car I am just shuffling through my Christian Music Playlist

Current Color(s): Grey!  I have never worn much grey, but since I have grown my natural hair color out I am finding that I can wear new colors and also can't wear some others!!!  It's really weird.  I'm having to get used to a whole new look!

Current Food: Right now I am loving Roasted Veggies.  ANY veggie roasted tastes so much better!  I just take whatever is in my fridge, add a little EVOO and salt and pepper and throw it in the oven!  I honestly could eat it every day.  Put a fried egg on top and it's heaven!

Current Favorite Favorite: My Fav Fav is my Christmas Onsie my daughter got me!!  I seriously don't usually like onsies, but Alyssa got us these amazing ones for Christmas.  When it is so cold in my house in the morning, I just jump in the onsie and am nice and toasty till we get the fire going!!! It is incredibly comfortable too.  Some days I stay in it all day.  :)

The kids even wore theirs outside....they are that warm!

Current Addiction: Costco dried Cherries.  SO good!

Current Wish List: I really want my own pair of snow shoes. I have been going out with my neighbor and am loving it!  what great exercise and it allows you to go places in the snow you couldn't other wise!!  Thankfully I have good friends that are letting me borrow theirs!

Current Need: I really don't have any "needs" right now, praise God.  However, my husband and I could use a vacation together!!  We haven't had a true vacation in a long time and I can't see that we will any time in the near future. :(

Current Triumph: I finally started the on-line classes to become a certified Precept upon Precept leader!

Current Annoyance: People that come up from the valley to "play in the snow" but have NO idea how to drive in it.

Current Blessing: Great friends.  When you move to a new place, it can be hard to make new friends.  It takes time to build relationships and go deep, beyond the surface.  But God has provided me with some amazing friendships here in Munds Park and I am so grateful!

Current Mood: Happy and content

Current Excitement: My mom received her Diabetic Alert Dog on Friday and all is going well.  Sugar has already alerted mom of highs and lows, even in the middle of the night!  We are so thankful for her!!

Current Project: I am considering taking a class on Craftsy.com.  

Current Plans For The Day: - My bible study starts back up today.  We moved to the afternoons for the winter so it is easier to get around!  Then I have to do a little cleaning and then I plan to sit and read some more!!!

What are your Currents?


Darla said...

I guess it is perspective. Your life looks like a vacation to me all the time! Snow shoeing, hiking, and beautiful scenery. I think I will do the currents again. It was always fun the few times I did it. Love those onesies.

Mari said...

This was fun! I love the onesies and I think I need one. :) You are the second person in just a few days to show roasted veggies with a fried egg. I would never have thought of that but it looks good.
How exciting for your Mom! My daughter is Type 1 diabetic and has talked about a dog, but they were so expensive when she looked at it. Maybe some day...

Rebecca Jo said...

Diabetic alert dog?!?!?!?... I need to look into this for my niece!!!

Roasted veggies are always a win in my household!

rita said...

Currently enjoying your Currents!

The Bug said...

This was fun!

Cathy said...

I love reading. I stayed up until after midnight on a work night to finish a book I was reading. Love doing that, although I paid for it the next day. lol