Friday, May 8, 2015

adventure that could be a sitcom....

You may remember that the transmission in my car started going out last June.  It is one of the miracles that God provided during our year with out a job.

After praying about it, we took it to a repair shop and they could NOT find any thing wrong with it. :) So we drove it away (having not paid a dime) and 2 blocks from the repair shop all the transmission lights started coming on and it started making the noise it was making when shifting.  Since they couldn't find anything wrong with it, we decided to keep driving it until something happened where it had to go in.......we've been driving it for a year now.  yay God!  The lights still come on when driving it.

But I have only driven it in town....occasionally to Conway (30 minutes away), praying all the way!  We knew it would not make it to Az and we need 2 cars, so while we are in Indiana this week we are getting a car from our friend who owns a dealership there.  BUT we need to trade this one in....he is graciously taking it as a trade in.  So, we started out the 11 hour trip praying over the car and asking anyone we knew to pray.  The first hour or so was tense as we waited for it to quit shifting or something, but when it didn't we settle into the drive and got more comfortable.  

For 10 hours it did great and had no issues and then 1 hour away as we drove into Chicago, the car started having problems.  It quit shifting into over drive. We could not believe it.  I sent a desperate txt out asking for prayer and started praying while Steve watched the RPMs. We had to do the last hour going 55 or lower....semi's and cars racing by us.  I turned to Steve and said "well at least we have no worry of getting a speeding ticket!!"

  Then when we got off the freeway and turned into town, it quit shifting out of 3rd...ugh!  so we drove 25mph to our friends house....but we made it!!!  We still had to get it to the dealership the next day, but put it all aside to enjoy our friends for the evening.  There wasn't much we could do any way!

The next morning, we started out to the dealer and the car would not shift.  Steve and i just looked at each other...both thinking what we didn't want to say...we may need a tow truck.  but then slowing the car worked into it and began shifting....whew!! 

About 2 miles from the dealer the service engine soon light came on.  We both started praying out loud.....please just 2 miles.  Then, please only ONE mile.  We drove into the dealership with ALL the engine lights flashing BUT we drove in!!!!   YAY GOD!!!!  The building sits at the bottom of a hill and there was a parking space directly in front of us at the bottom that we coasted in to!!!  We stopped and both looked at each other, laughed and praised God for getting us there!

so, I now have my new, RELIABLE car!!!  

Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Now on to getting the house sold!  :)

I'm certain God's got that too!!!


Cathy said...

What a great testimony to God's provision and maybe His sense of humor too! Love it!!!

Jackie said...

This just made me smile so big. :) His hand is just all over your life!

The Bug said...

I love this story! I can picture Lucy & Ricky right now... :)

Mari said...

I would have been a wreck! I stress over car issues. :)
Yay for a reliable car!

Lisa said...

That is a hilarious story and also SO like God!