Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday...

Linking up today with Rebecca Jo

Today I am thankful for.....

it is a gorgeous day here and the sunshine and warm just boosts your spirits! We have had way above average rainfall and it was getting old!

My house.
So thankful for this house that God provided while we lived in LR.  some of the best neighbors I have ever had, so much ministry has happened in this house, so many great memories.  Thankful I have a house to sell and trying to remember that as we go through the stress of selling it.

My health
I think I take that for granted so often.  As it turns out my frozen shoulder was caused by stress.  as God has put pieces in this puzzle of our life this year, it has gotten progressively better.  An now that I am mostly pain free, I am SO grateful for my health and for feeling good!

My hairstylist.
Bless her.  She makes my hair look amazing.  She is the best colorist I have ever had.  Most people are shocked when they find out I color my hair and am really very grey.  Plus she is such a good friend and I enjoy my time with her each month.  I will miss her and to be honest am not looking forward to having to find someone new in Arizona.  But today I am very thankful for her!!

Great friends.
I have the best.  Both near and far.  

I am very thankful for today...whatever it holds!


rita said...

So good to hear your shoulder has loosened up and almost healed!
So many blessings!
God is GOOD, ALL the time!

Mari said...

So glad your shoulder is doing better!
I'm thankful for my hairstylist too - she's also wonderful at coloring my gray!

Stacy said...

A good hairstylist is worth her weight in gold! (Coming from a woman with very curly and *shhh!* gray hair.)

Popped over from Knit by God's Hand.

Rebecca Jo said...

It's a great thing to have a fantastic hair stylist!!! When someone says they love my hair color, I just want to hug her.

Cathy said...

So glad you are feeling better! I hope that house sells very soon!