Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Currents

Current Read: Well, after seeing Mockingjay over Thanksgiving I realized that I could not remember what happened in the I decided to read it again!  I also needed something to read where I didn't need to think and that I already owned.  :)

Current Playlist: Christmas music! Pentatonix, Rend collective are some of my new favorites

Current Food: We have been traveling a lot lately to take care of family members, so my current favorite would be salad and fresh veggies...not things you eat when you are traveling!!  Trying to get back on my healthy eating...also not easy when you are traveling.  :(

Current Favorite Favorite: My Ninja blender.  

Current Addiction: Hummus.  I make a new batch almost every week.  Another might be green smoothies...also something I make pretty much every day.

Current Wish List: I would like some new jeans.  All of mine are several years old and they look like it.  :/

Current Need: To have my frozen shoulder heal.  You just don't realize how it affects your day or what you do when you can't use your arm without pain.  

Current Triumph: I actually completed all my shoulder exercises today without tearing up!  That is HUGE.

Current Annoyance: Pain.  I am to a point that I can do more things with my shoulder but then I get busy and sort of forget about it and then it quickly reminds me it's there...ugh.  I have a new appreciation for people with chronic pain.  You just don't realize how it affects your emotional state.

Current Blessing(s): friends who come help me even when their schedule is already full.

Current Excitement: I am excited to see my son on Friday!  And the rest of my kids the next week.....not really excited about Alyssa's surgery but very happy I can go take care of her.

Current Project(s): Those are a secret!  :)

Current plan:  Right now I am making a quiche for dinner and then I plan to grab a heating pad, put it on my shoulder and relax for the evening.

What are your currents?


Tori Leslie said...

I'm so sorry you have so much pain in your shoulder. You never really now how great being pain-free is till your not.
So glad you're gonna get to see your kids, what a blessing! Enjoy the week!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Praying for your shoulder to heal! Excited that you'll get to see all your kids in the coming weeks :) Hope you have a WONDERFUL and very blessed Christmas!

Cathy said...

Pentatonix is awesome! Have fun with you kids. My oldest comes home next Wednesday...can't wait.

Hope you shoulder heals soon.

Rebecca Jo said...

I've been afraid to try & make my own hummus. I love that stuff though. I could eat right through it every day.

Pentatonix ... love them so much! They've gotten a lot of attention this year.

The Bug said...

So sorry your shoulder's being a pain! Just keep at those exercises & hopefully it will heal itself...

Tiffany Denison said...

Love this post! Such a great way to share and remember current events in the family. I'll probably put this to use. So sorry about your shoulder. I hope for speedy recovery.