Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I am sitting here in my daughter's apartment trying to be quiet....she is still sleeping and needs all the rest she can get.  But it's hard to be quiet in a one bedroom apartment!! So I decided to blog and give you my Currents list for November.

Current Read: I have not had much time to read lately and I hate that.  I could use the distraction that comes from getting lost in a book.  I did start Operation Zulu Redemption by Ronie Kendig on the plane coming to Houston but haven't gotten very far with it.  I also started re-reading Waiting on God by Andrew Murray each morning...seems my waiting room experience has been extended.

Current Playlist:  I seriously have not listened to any music lately  :(  I think I will get my head phones on when I am done and turn on some praise music!!

Current Food:
Current Food: Pumpkin seeds!!!  Alyssa and I carved pumpkins this weekend and then roasted the seeds.  I have eaten almost all of them myself and I am considering going to get a pumpkin just for more seeds.  what a great snack!!

Current Favorite: Southwest Airlines!!  Y'all they don't charge for luggage (which is great since I brought a big piece to fill with Trader Joes stuff), you can easily buy a one way ticket without being charged out the wazzoo AND you can change your flight with NO penalty.  I decided I needed to stay longer to help Alyssa, so I just got on-line and changed my ticket....no fee, no extra cost, easy peazy!  gotta love that!  

Current Addiction: Orange Essential oil.  I LOVE the smell.  When you add it with cinnamon bark....delicious!  But I have also started putting a drop on my toothpaste and WOW, makes my mouth feel great!  Plus it helps whiten your teeth...bonus!

Current Wishlist:  Another Raindrop massage.  Raindrop is a massage technique using YoungLiving essential oils.  I had one this weekend and it was amazing.....I also have felt my pain and tightness from my bulging disc go away!!!  I literally fell asleep on the table in the middle of it!  Well worth every penny!

Current Need:  time with my husband.  Since August we have been taking turns traveling to Kansas to help take care of his mother, then he came to Houston while Alyssa was in the hospital and we saw each other for one day before I came to be with her.  We have been passing each other coming and going and we just need some extended time together!!!

Current Triumph:  hmmmm, my triumph from last month (making it to the gym) was short lived.  I would have to say that my current triumph would be navigating the Houston traffic and still being alive and in one piece!!!!

Current Annoyance: my bicep tendonitis which was actually rotator cuff tendonitis is still bothering me....ugh!  I had it injected (not NEAR as bad as I made it out in my head) and it is SLOWLY getting better.  I would say I am 90% better, but still have that occasional move that buckles my knees.  The doctor said that it can take 6 weeks to work completely so I am hopeful that I will get there!!!

Current Blessing:  Being able to care for my daughter and my mom and dad who paid for my ticket so I could get here.  I have the best family and am so thankful for them!!

Current Outfit:  PJs.....Alyssa is still asleep and my clothes are in her bedroom....it could be a PJ kind of day!!!

Current Excitement:  Seeing God use me in situations that look bleak in my own eyes.  

Current Project:  Getting my daughter well!!!  We finished the bathroom project from last month and I have to say.....why in the world did we wait so long?!!!  It looks amazing!

so what is on your current list?


Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

I want that massage!!! Did you go to a massage therapist that specializes in oils? Tell me more!! My back needs it!

Darla said...

love it all, I'm in love with orange oil too as you know. I need that massage, and I'm glad you are able to take care of everyone, you deserve a day in your PJ's. I take suitcases with me to my girls and bring home things they want to sell, haha. I love southwest airlines! Praying for Alyssa to get well.

The Bug said...

So glad you're getting to spend this time with Alyssa!

Sara@iSass said...

My current reading material is any and all things about oils! I am loving learning about them. I am also reading Fair Game by Valerie Plame about her time working with the CIA.
Your "Trader Joe" suitcase cracked me up! But I completely understand. It took a long time before one was near me.
Orange oil is on my list, I am so excited that I signed up for ER, wish I had done it sooner. But deciding what to order has been fun!
Nov order: Lavender, (I'm out.) Fennel and Christmas Spirit. I just HAVE to get it!