Tuesday, September 23, 2014

True Beauty

Sunday morning a beautitful lady in our church went to be with her Lord.

Miss Bobbie, as we called her, was 94 and exeplified what I would call True Beauty.  Her love for God poured out of her.  You could not be in her presence without knowing that she love the Lord with her whole being.

I remember meeting Miss Bobbie when we moved here 7 years ago.  At that time I would have called her a true Georgia Peach!  She had that beautiful Georgia accent and a big winning smile.

But as I got to know Miss Bobbie and observe her, I saw a woman in her late 80s on a mission to serve God.  And I would often tell my husband....I want to be like Miss Bobbie NOW and when I'm 80!

* Miss Bobbie always greeted you with a smile.
* She NEVER sat in the same seat in the sanctuary on Sunday morning.  She wanted to meet knew people and ALWAYS introduced herself to those around her.
* Miss Bobbie was a PRAY-ER and a prayer warrior.  She knew the importance of prayer.  And even last week when my husband and I went to pray with her, she prayed the most beautiful prayer...I won't forget.
* She never quit studying God's Word.  She knew God's Word was alive and had something for her to learn EVERY day. She was in my bible study until it got hard for her to get there. 
* She never quit serving.  She was helping me in Women's ministries just last year....at 93!
* She attend church faithfully, even when she couldn't hear well, up until a few months ago. She knew the importance of corporate worship/fellowship.

* If you knew Miss Bobbie....you knew Jesus.

Sometimes I would pick her up for bible study and she would tell me stories of her past....I loved that.  One particular story makes me laugh today of her sneaking her parents car out when she was a teenager.  :)  I will cherish my memories of her.

On Sunday morning, after I had heard of her passing, I was in church worshipping.  And I began to cry tears of joy as I thought about how that morning she must have walked into heaven to a myriad of cheers from people she impacted for Christ.  And as I worshiped, I realized that at that moment Miss Bobbie was worshiping too...but in the presence of her Savior.

True Beauty.


Rebecca Jo said...

& that's who I want to be in my later years of life...

I love the spirit of God that she glowed all the way till she gets to bask in God's glow!!!

Prayers for those who will miss her sweet spirit.

Mari said...

I've known a few ladies like this and I want to be the same. Sounds like her whole life was a testimony!

Lynne said...

She reminds me of my Granny B and now my mother. They are our church treasures! We are so blessed.

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing. I want to be like that, too. My FIL has said for the last 30 years that he doesn't think he can/will learn anything new about the Bible. I think that is very sad.