Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Frags


Trying so hard to get my blogging mojo back but just can't seem to get there..ugh.


To be honest, I was very glad to say goodbye to 2013.  It was a hard year for me in a lot of ways.
 My theme for 2014 is new beginnings.  I feel like God is closing the door on some areas in my life and pointing me in new directions and I am expectantly looking forward to what He has for me.   
As God reveals them, I plan to share them on here.


I am SO tired of our weather!!!
We live in the south people...13 degrees is not ok!!!


I am enjoying my quiet house.
Yes, me the "more the merrier girl" is taking the quiet in!!
I LOVED having all my kids home for the holidays.  We had SO much fun together and every night was filled with some fun game....but I have realized that I have become accustom to the quiet of empty nest and I never thought I would say that!!! 


So after Thanksgiving, I passed 2 kidney stones.....worst pain in my life.  They did a CT scan and told me they didn't see any more stones in my kidneys....thank you Jesus!  But now every time I get a twinge of pain in my back or a funny feeling in my lower abdomen, I panic.  I am wondering if I will ever get over that...ugh.


I was introduced to Stitch Fix.  An on-line personal stylist.  
I just received my first "fix" and was very pleasantly surprised at how well they did with my size and style.  A post is coming on this soon!!


Last year, I read the book "Anything".  And through that book and some deep conversations with God, I told him that I would start actively looking and be ready for things He had for me.  I wanted to be so ready that when they came my way my first response would be YES.  Well, you have heard the saying "be careful what you pray for"?  


God quickly brought an opportunity my way......speaking at a women's conference.  My first response was honestly to laugh....I am NOT a speaker.  But as I formulated reasons why I couldn't do it, God gently reminded me of my commitment and prayer.  So, at the end of February, I will be speaking at a women's conference in Florida.  I would covet your prayers that I would be open to God's Words and not my own as I write my talk and that the fear I feel would go away as I trust God to use me!!

Happy Friday!!


retired not tired said...

We love our quiet house however being a hermit in the house is getting a bit tiring.

Cathy said...

I've learned to love our quiet house too which I will get back on Monday.

Yes, you really need to be careful what you pray for. haha I prayed in late 2012 that God would let me be Jesus to someone and on New Years Eve a young friend and her baby moved in with us and was there until late November 2013. It was quite the learning and growing experience for hubby and me. But I can say on this side that I'm so glad we were able to used. Although I didn't always act like Jesus, I believe we were a big help to her. She is now living in her own apartment and seems to be doing very well. God is so good!

The Bug said...

You'll be GREAT at the conference! You just have this aura of compassion & humor - the right combination for women to relate to...

Sara@iSass said...

Oh Sara, how I DO love your blog and your honesty! I have an empty nest 5 days a week, and I find myself thinking on certain moments during the weekend; "What are these messy, loud holligans doing here!" Ha!
You WILL forget about the pain of the stone(s), I pray for you it was a one time orrcurance. For me I was told it is just something that will be ongoing in my life, so I must be careful about drinking lots and lots of water! It was a 12 year gap between my two episodes, I had kinda forgot, but that moment when death seems eminent I remembered I had slacked off with water and knew what was going on. Again, I pray this never happens to you again.
I wish I was going to that conference! How blessed those people will be to hear God speak through you as he does on this very blog so often!
2013 was a very difficult year for me, I have had to work extremely hard on my trusting God. Many days I spent giving him the cold shoulder...I am hoping that His gentleness continues to give me the strength I need to make 2014 a much better year!

Joyce said...

I suspect we are in a very similar place as we face 2014 : ) My word this year is unafraid. I wrote something along the line of what you describe in a post's the post if you'd like to take a peek. Go confidently through the door God has opened for you. I will be cheering you on!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'll have to check that site out. Who doesn't want a personal stylist :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I admire your courage to step into those hard things that God has called you to! I'm sure you'll do a great job speaking!

Also looking forward to hearing more about your new beginnings as they unfold!

And SO SO SO sorry about the kidney stones. I passed one when I was a senior in high school. Worst pain of my entire life! I haven't had one since but I will never forget that experience.

I'm so glad you like Stitch Fix! I got some great referral credit $ this month…I'm guessing one of those referrals was you? Glad you were pleased!!!!