Thursday, May 16, 2013

It just seems like....

...the only posts I can put together lately are random
someday I am hopeful I will get my writing mojo back.

....I will never feel well again.  
Been fighting "something" for the last 4 weeks.  Now all the antibiotics (3 different ones) I was on have caused more problems.  I just want to feel well.

...I have all my chicks back in the nest.  
2 are home very temporarily.  So, I need to enjoy it as much as I can!!

...I have been trusting God with a situation in my life.. forever.  
It has been a while, but I know He has it under control and I can continue to trust Him with it.

...sometimes no one understands what I am going through. 
Yet I open God's Word each day and am reminded that He does.

...we were empty nesters for a year. 
We thoroughly enjoyed it, but are looking forward to all the babies we will have in our home this summer.  We already have respite scheduled for 3 different babies starting in June.

...summer will never get here.
I know it will be here soon and I shouldn't wish away these mildly warm days....but I am a sun girl and I am ready for some HEAT!!  

...I haven't had a vacation in a loooong time.
But then I remember I am going on a trip next week with my parents and my brother and his wife.
  I can.not.wait.

now to focus on being well for the vacation!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

So sorry you are having such a hard time getting well. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy your trip! Hugs!!

Cathy said...

Sara, hope you feel better soon. Have a great trip. Also, I hope you have a wonderful time with those little babies.

The Bug said...

Ugh - so sorry you're still not well! What a pain! Hopefully they'll get the right drug combo to fix whatever's going on...

Glad your kids are home - maybe you should let them pamper you :)

thirstysouthernsoul said...

Hope you feel better soon! When I have the crud, that's always awful!

Rebecca Jo said...

Hope you feel better! :( You've got babies to take care of - gotta get better for that :)

AND a nice trip! Start the count down!

rita said...

Praying you will heal and enjoy your family, travels, and babies!
We so enjoyed your kids and were struck by how much Alyssa reminded us of you.

Skoots1moM said...

i suffered with a very nasty gastric bug for several weeks one time...finally, I came across MANUKA HONEY (raw honey, natural antibiotic)from New Zealand...they sell it on Amazon and in most health food stores...its amazing to just take a spoonful, spread it on a cracker, on a piece of bread or put in a warm helped me immensely after only 2 doses ;) Robin and I both take it...and it is PHENOMENAL when you have a scratchy throat ... I take it any time I don't 'feel well'

Karin said...

So sorry you are still feeling sick. Bleh. NO FUN! Not sure if you want suggestions--if not, just ignore. :) I have been taking probiotics from Garden of Life for several years and find them to be amazing. Feel SO MUCH better. After antibiotics, everyone should take probiotics--but they are not all good. Some brands are practically worthless.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I am catching up Sara. Aaaahhh, Baby A...will be the FIRST of MANY to capture your heart...but your investment in HIM and in the others will be life long!

Hope you feel better SOON! And, enjoy having the kids home! I know you will!

Angie said...


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy all the Lord brings your way this month.

Blessings! Angie

Crossroads Keeper said...

Sorry that you are sick. Will call a bit later. Less than 10 minutes probably.

Lavonda Pflug said...

I totally understand about losing the writing mojo. It has happened to me. I feel like I've lost EVERY KIND of mojo I may have ever had. Dained.

I just offered up a prayer for you. I hope you are feeling well by now and that life is on an upward swing.

Rachel said...

Please say you are feeling better now! And that your trip was really wonderful! And that you are enjoying some beautiful weather? :)