Sunday, December 23, 2012

Project 365 - Week 51

Week 51.

Wow. only one more week in this year.  On one hand, it seems hard to believe.  But on the other hand, I am ready for a new year!

this week was the last of my craziness!!!  And by Friday,  I was just a big lump on the sofa for a couple of days!  :)

I am so glad that things have now slowed down enough for me to focus on the real reason we celebrate this season........the birth of Christ.   It completely amazes me that Jesus chose to leave heaven and be born in human form...knowing it would lead to His death....just for me.  I hope that during all this hustle and bustle that you too can take time to know and understand just what a gift has been given to you.....and that you would freely accept it!

Here's my week:
 I had my annual Christmas Tea.  These 3 lovely girls were my helpers and made it so that I could enjoy the tea and my guests.  We had about 50 ladies.
 This was the hit of the day!!!
Vanilla bean, salted caramel cheesecake!  The ladies were practically fighting over it.  You can find the recipe on my pinterest dessert board.

A sweet gal from our congregation graduated this week with her Master's.  She had an exhibit of all her art work that I finally got to go see.  This was my favorite!!

Not a bad way to start a road trip!!!  Jason and I are driving to Indiana to pick up Jared at school.  We are stopping off for a day at some friend's house too.

It was ugly sweater day at my friend's daughter's school.  She and her boyfriend made these cute!!!!

We left early today to pick up Jared and head home.  With the weather advisory we decided not to stop and have lunch with Rita and Mike, very sad, but to try and get south as quickly as possible.  We drove through torrential rain, a snow storm and incredibly gusting winds. It was a LONG day.
An hour from home, in the middle of nowhere, we got dead stopped on the road.  Jared was driving and all of a sudden said "mom the gas light just came on!"  It was a stressful 30 minutes or so and a good learning lesson for Jared....ugh.

Jason got home last night and immediately went out with Friends.  He woke us up at midnight to tell us he had found an abandoned dog and it was in the garage.  Then Jared woke us up at 3am to tell us he was hearing a dog cry somewhere in the house.  This little guy caused us to get very little sleep but we were able to find him a home.....much to the chagrin of my kids who pleaded to keep him.

It now feels like Christmas.  Alyssa and I spent the day making our family's favorite Christmas cookie!!!

I am all done with Christmas shopping and excited to enjoy this next week with my family.  I pray each of you has a wonderful Christmas!!



What a fun week you seemed to have had. Loved those cookies. You will have to share the recipe.

Kim said...

I'm drooling over the cheesecake and cookies! Too hot to bake her, so I'll just enjoy looking at yours :)

What a trip! Glad you made it safely -- and without running out of gas!

Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Kim said...

Oops, I really should learn to proof before I post a comment :) I meant "too hot to bake here" -- not her! hahaha

Lisa said...

That tea party is quite the party! You are smart to have a couple extra hands to help out.

So, so happy for you to have all the kids home. Must feel nice to have your house bustling again!

momma frans said...

What a cute dog!! Glad you found the little guy a home.
I love those Christmas sweaters! What agreat idea!!

rita said...

What a lovely ladies tea--the tradition, the setting, the treats, the helpers, and especially the hostess!
Is that a spiral staircase int that art work? Reminded me of ours.
And the dog looks like the stray the daughter took in.
Have a beautiful Christmas!
Really hope we can see you in January.

The Bug said...

What a crazy week! So glad you got Jared home again safely. And I REALLY want some of those cookies :)

RaD said...

Awww... That was a cute pup! I kind of want a mini-dobie (I think that's what that dog was?) but I've heard they are high energy and bark a lot. Ah well, our new pup is enough for now anyway!

Glad you guys were all safe in your travels. Once when my family was headed to Montana on a family vacation, the gas stations were spaced so far out in the rural area that we had the "gas panic" too!