Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Framents

Mommy's Idea

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.

**  So yesterday was a VERY long day.  Jason and I left at 7am from Granger, IN....drove in the pouring rain 3 hours to Anderson to pick up Jared.  Got him loaded, had lunch and headed toward home.  We went through.....rain, gusting wind, snow, more wind to finally make it home at 10pm last night...ugh.

** it's not a good feeling when you are dead stopped on the freeway in the middle of nowhere Arkansas and your son says "hey mom, the gas light just came on" ....ya, appreciate the opportunity for him to learn a lesson but the extra stress was not appreciated.  We did make it to a gas station! whew!!

**  Dead tired last night...but older son wakes us up at midnight.  He was out by the lake and found a dog someone dumped and wanted us to know it was in the garage.  Then at 3am, youngest son wakes us up to let us know it sounds like a dog is crying some where in the house.  I am currently listening to this dog cry in our garage and am about to go wake up older son to have him take care of it!!!

**  who does that?  dumps a dog.  If you don't want your dog, why not just drop it at the Humane Society? Why would you just dump it where it will either starve or be killed.  I do not understand

**  so very happy to have all my kids home!!!!  A whole month with all of them!!!  This mama is happy!!  And I plan on enjoying every minute of my time with them!!!

**  It's a great feeling to be able to relax today and enjoy family.  I don't have any shopping to do or any I'm off to make pancakes!!!


Cathy said...

So glad to hear you made it home. Saw your post on FB last night and prayed for you. Hope you have a wonderful month with your kids!

Keetha Broyles said...

Still glad to have your kids home for a month even AFTER they woke you twice in the same night to talk about a dog in the garage??? That's a good mom!

LuAnn said...

All I can say is what it days and what a night. Glad you got home safe. I know you'll enjoy your family time. So is Jason taking the dog to the Humane Society or do you have a new member of your family.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

So glad that you made it home safely!

Praying you find a home for the abandoned doggie! I'm with you I do NOT understand people who mistreat animals. The world is full of difficult thing that are even more difficult to understand!

Blessings as you enjoy your family over the Christmas Holiday!


Anonymous said...

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