Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project 365 - Week 30

 Week 30.

Well, as you are about to see my week is all about peaches for the most part!  My hands are so sore from peeling them that I can hardly type right now!!  this morning, I couldn't figure out why my forearms were SO sore....ya, as soon as I started peeling the last of the peaches I knew why!!! ouch!  But, I am not complaining because they are amazing!!! So much flavor! 

It is still scorching hot here.  The rain that hit our state yesterday completely went around us....ugh. Story of our lives lately.  It is supposed to be 107 degrees by Monday.  It is so sad to drive around our city and see dead trees everywhere.  This drought is awful!

Here's my week:
 Made this Cilantro Lime Ranch dressing tonight.  It was really good and healthy.  Go here for the recipe!

 Went with a friend of mine to pick peaches this morning.  The orchard is about 30 minutes.  With the horrible heat we are having, we got up bright and early to be there just after they opened at 7:00am.  Coffee was a must!!!  The peaches are so good, but very small this year.

Fresh peaches for breakfast with oatmeal.....perfect.  
But a peach cobbler for dessert....even better!!

 Made this salad for lunch today.  The cucumber and onions were fresh from the garden.  This was really great!  Go here for the recipe.

 Ran into one of my kids from church while I was out running errands.  He had a serious case of bed head going on!!!  :)

 Steve was craving a burger so we headed out to Big Orange for dinner.  This is a "gourmet burger" joint.  And they are amazing!!!  Then we came home to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. 

 Peeled the last of the peaches today...whew!!  But it is WAY too hot to can them.  So I packaged them up to freeze until the weather gets a little cooler.....ok, a lot cooler!

So how was your week?  Are you having a heat wave where you are or are you enjoying some rain?


StephieAnne said...

Those peaches look SO good! My Thursday Night Ladies made peach cobbler for me to honor my birthday this last Thursday - yummmm!!

Well, you have heard me complain about rain since January and these are now the golden days for us in Oregon. No rain. Usually a marine cloud layer until around 11...then a high around 80. We are above normal for rain for the year. With all the talk of food shortages and prices going up, it makes me wonder if the farmers from Oregon will end up making a lot more than usual for their crops in order to provide for the demand. Needless to say, I am finding myself much more grateful about being an Oregonian these days!

What are all of your kids up to this summer? Is Jared still on his mission trip?

skoots1mom said...

THOSE peaches look GREAT!
I'll have to buy some next week
Robin said she was going to make some of your peach looks good too!
Getting mine up early while I watch the Olympics

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

those peaches look soooo yummy!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I have a bowl of peaches sitting on my counter getting ripe right now. I may do some of your peach jam next week!

I don't have one of those vacuum sealers, I have always wanted on!


Lisa said...

YUMMY!! The peaches and the salad. You are quite industrious, Sara.

Thanks for the book recommendation...I've ordered it and also briefly checked out her blog.


Those peach projects made my mouth water. I love peaches. We have not had really great ones this year because it has been too dry. The Clanton peaches, which usually rock, are very small. I must have a vacuum sealer. That looks pretty neat. Went to Mary Mac's in Atlanta on Friday and had...get this...spiced peach cobbler. It was to die for.

LuAnn said...

love love love peaches and the many things you can do with them. YUM!!!!!

Three weeks from now Phil will be living in his apartment. Are we really ready for this????

momma frans said...

Wow, those peaches look delicious.
So does the salad.
So does the burger.
...and the dressing.
Can you tell I'm hungry?

Kim said...

Before I could type I had to wipe off my keyboard :) The peaches are drool-worthy!

Am going to check out the recipes. Both things look so good!

Hope you can stay cool in the coming heat wave!

The Bug said...

Yum yum yum! And peaches are 0 points on weight watchers :)

I'm off to check out (& probably pin) the recipes!

skoots1mom said...

hoping you've had some rain by now...we got a big dousing last night

rita said...

I wanna try the salad.
I just made a list of all the fresh produce I need to use or do something with this week. Now looking for recipes.

Rachel said...

It's 8pm here... I haven't had dinner... and your post has officially made me crazy hungry!

I must try that cilantro lime dressing - yummo!

And the peaches... I'm sure are pretty darn delicious frozen too! :)