Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project 365 - Week 23

Week 23.

I tell ya, I am having the hardest time getting back into blogging regularly.  I have lots to blog about but by the time I sit down at night to do it, I am too tired.  I hope to change that this week!!!

This was one of those weeks where I could not even remember what I did on Monday.  I must have just switched my pictures around 3 times to figure out the right order.....very sad.

Here's my week:
I was asked to provide the food for a baby shower for a young girl in YoungLife today.  I think she felt very loved on, it was a beautiful shower.

Saw this trick on Pinterest and it WORKS!!  
Why did I not think of this sooner?!  put foil in a bowl, pour your bacon grease in it, let it congeal and throw it away!!!  easy peasy!

Had our ladies program tonight at church.  One of the skits was a remake of Let's Make a Deal....hilarious!!!  It was a very fun night!

 My best friend, Wendi, has built a new house and I finally got to go out and see it. We had some great porch time and I helped her unpack a bit.  It was just great to hang out for the day!!
 Then my daughter had me over for dinner and a movie night.
Perfect day!!

Made this Salmon recipe I saw on Pinterest.  It was probably the BEST salmon I have ever made.  I am still thinking about it!!!  You will find the recipe on my "main dish" board.

Tonight my neighbor and I threw a Going-Away cocktail party for the sweet couple in the middle.  They are moving from our neighborhood to Houston and we are SO SAD to see them go!! 

Our good friend, Mark, is here visiting us from Indiana.  I loved this picture of them all just hanging by the pool.  It is so great to have him here with us!!

Hope you had a great week!!!


LeAnne said...

Oh my goodness. What an obvious solution to grease. So obvious I've never thought of it.

When are Kevin and Jessica pulling out? Will I have a chance to say good-bye???? :(


Thanks for the grease hint. It is always so hard to figure out what to do with that stuff. Loved your table for the shower. The food looks amazing. I am a porch person. There is nothing I like better than a porch, a rocker, and good company. Have a great week.

Kim said...

haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't remember what I did on Monday by the end of the week -- I call this the Middle Age Teflon Brain Syndrome :) Everything just slides right off!

Salmon sounds SO good right now! We haven't had fish in a sweet forever. Too land-locked here. I'll just enjoy it vicariously through your photos.

Looks like a super fun week (and super busy, so no wonder you couldn't remember everything you did!).

LuAnn said...

I am running crazy this weekend.

Festival in town and Phil's school has a tent selling food. Lot's of grad parties, too much eating yikes!!!!

Have a great week - will blog pics next week.

The Bug said...

Oh that salmon looks luscious! I'm off to figure out the points (& skill level required - ha!).

I totally depend on my pictures to remember things - thank goodness they're time stamped!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

THAT was am impressive spread for that shower, great job!

Here lately I have been doing my bacon in the oven. I line a cookie sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil and then put a baking rack on the cookie sheet and then I line the bacon on the baking rack and bake in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. After, just fold up the foil and toss and clean up is done. Plus no messy grease splatter to clean up either!!! Makes super crispy bacon too!

That salmon looked wonderful, i be checking it out on your pintrest, i love avocado's...


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

and I forgot to tell ya.....

Susan and I were talking about needing handlers or keepers due to the fact that I cant seem to remember anything anymore...why did I come in here?

momma frans said...

love the bacon grease idea! I'll have to remember that.
what a beautiful front porch your friend has; it looks so relaxing.
the salmon looks wonderful. I'm on my way to look t the recipe now!

rita said...

See ya' Saturday!!!