Monday, June 11, 2012


God has provided me with some perspective this weekend.  

We have a good friend, Mark, from Indiana.  Mark attended our church there and was in Steve's morning bible study.  I also had the pleasure of serving along side Mark in St. Lucia.  He has come and visited us most every year since we moved to Arkansas.  Mark has a servants heart and each time he comes, he spends time helping us fix something at our house.  He spends most of his vacations working and ministering somewhere...New Orleans, Florida, Honduras.  He has an amazing heart for people.

Last year, when he was here, he had what he thought was a bad sinus infection.  He just couldn't get rid of it.  But when he returned home, he found out it was more than an was a cancerous tumor in his sinuses.  After a very radical surgery last June and then chemo and radiation, he was pronounced cancer free....only to find out a few months later that the cancer had spread.  The doctors have told him it is terminal.  He started chemo again and for now the chemo is keeping the cancer from growing.  He will be on chemo until it cures the cancer or it no longer works.  

Mark is in between treatments for 3 weeks.  He was feeling pretty good so he hopped in his car and decided to travel to the west coast to stick his feet in the ocean, then to Florida and back visiting people he loves along the way.  We have been blessed, and honored, to be on his travel docket.  Mark arrived Friday and honestly it was a bit of a shock to see him.  He has lost so much weight, bald, his face somewhat disfigured.......and yet, the sparkle that I love was still there in his eyes!  

I can't tell you what his visit and his friendship means to me.  

That he would want to visit us on this trip touches my heart.  But also to get to see his spirit and God working in him is....a gift. His focus is still on Christ and serving others.  He is at peace.

I have spent the last week stewing over several things and several people.  Being angry and hurt.  I have spent quiet time pouring my heart out to God about things out of my control, things that cause me fear. I have been worn out and overwhelmed and felt I just needed a break.  I have spent lots of hours worrying about our ministry.

 Oh my word, how did I lose sight of what is important? 

 These relationships are what is important. 
 Reaching others for Christ..being part of their lives is important.
 Giving of ourselves so that others can experience Joy.....that's important. 

You know what?  It doesn't matter what happens with all these things I was worrying about.  People can choose to do what they want, God is still in control and will take care of us.  I just need to keep reaching out to people, being His hands and feet, giving of myself and hopefully bringing others into the presence of the One that can bring Peace.
I have been very humbled this weekend.

And I am so thankful that I serve a God who brings me perspective when I need it.  One that brings us incredible Peace in times of terrific trial and One who desires to use me to reach those He loves.   

I'm also very thankful for my friend, Mark.


StephieAnne said...

Wow...definitely needed that this morning. I remember praying for Mark and am now led to pray that much more fervently for him and his remarkable life!

Cathy said...

Perspective...something we all need from time to time. Thanks for sharing Sara.

skoots1mom said...

tunnelizing our feelings rather than viewing God's panaramic creation involvement, constricts us to the point a popping point...
then, His showing us His view, we begin humbling ourselve to our knees, breathing in His steadfastness and He begins drying up our selfishly-splattered teardrops.

Kim said...

A wonderful post that was balm to my heart. A good reminder to refocus on what's really important. Thanks for sharing.

We'll be praying for Mark, too.

rita said...

That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing about Mark!

Penny said...

Brought me to tears...Perspective is important, isn't it? And cancer is such a sucky thing. It just breaks my heart that people have to hear that stupid "terminal" word. Terminal is only flipping terminal if God says it is, but hearing it is still so awful.

Prayers lifted up for your friend Mark.