Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 365 - Week 14

 Week 14.

He is Risen!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!  Today we are celebrating the fact that death did not win!!!  That after dying and taking on all of my sin, Jesus walked out of the grave ALIVE!!!  Can there be anything more beautiful or more amazing?  I don't think so.  I hope you are celebrating too!!

We are also celebrating today my husband's birthday!!  What a wonderful man I married!!  Happy Birthday Honey!!!  I love you!

And if that is not enough, I also get to celebrate the fact that I get to visit each of you today and this week!!!!  I have missed everyone so much and am excited to see what all I've missed and get caught up.

Here's my week:
 This is how the stage was set up when we walked into church this morning.  Very dramatic.

 I got to babysit this sweet boy this morning.  But sadly, he ended up sleeping most of the time that I had him.  :(

 We kicked off our new Women's ministry program tonight.  We had 45 ladies show!!!  The theme was Jesus, the Bread of Life.  I started the evening teaching them how to make artisan bread.  Everyone took home their own dough.
 We then moved to the atrium where we learned how aspects of the seder point to Jesus and ended the evening taking communion together where we crushed our own grapes....very powerful!!

 Today is my sweet Alyssa's birthday!!!
She chose to have a family game night at home.  Even though we had to eat a meal that went along with Steve's fast, I still made her her favorite cake!!
I think she was pretty pleased with it all!!!  :)
Love her.

 Can you guess what is going on here?
A rock hit my windshield coming home from New Orleans and then it proceeded to crack across the whole windshield.  This guy is putting a new one on!

 We had our Good Friday service.
Our worship pastor read John's version of the crucifixion.  The power of God's is so difficult to hear what our savior went through for us.  But as dark as that day was, when death and Satan thought they had won.....little did they know that Sunday was coming!!!

 This is Steve's birthday cake for tomorrow....about as chocolatey as you can get!!!
I also spent the day, yesterday and today, molding ice cream.  This is a tradition in my home (since I was a little girl) and we are having several small kids over for Easter dinner....should be a big hit!

Well, that is my week.  I will be seeing all y'all soon!!!!  Have a wonderful Easter and take a moment to thank your Savior for all He accomplished for YOU today!


LuAnn said...


WELCOME BACK SARA - I missed you:)

Easter Blessings to you and the family.

Lisa said...

He is risen indeed!

You have a busy day today! I didn't remember that Alyssa and Steve's birthdays were so close.

Celebrating our risen savior with you today!!

semperfi said...

He has Risen!!!! Happy Easter. Love, love, love the ice cream molds!!!

Delilah Love said...

Thanks for hosting Sara. I hope you are having a spectacular Easter with your family!


Loved your week...loved the ice cream molds....I am so impressed....and the chocolate cake and from one Easter person to another....He is Risen! Have a blessed day.

The Bug said...

Happy birthday Alyssa & Steve! Boy that chocolate cake looks fabulous. So does the molded ice cream - really cool.

I'm glad to have you back - although I'm thinking of taking a break myself at during the summer. Maybe. We'll see. I have to decide if I'll replace all my internet "stuff" with something more worthwhile.

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, welcome back, and Happy Easter, Happy birthday to your hubby and to Alyssa! The womens' Bible Study looked soooo good, I bet it was a super impactful evening for all of those involved.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a sweet little sleeping baby! They are always so sweet when they sleep!

Happy Easter!

We are all glad you are back with us again!

Love your frozen ice cream molds!


skoots1mom said...

late getting in...
Happy Easter!

Bellezza said...

Sara, such an amazing 'coincidence' that we gave up similar things for Lent! Thanks for visiting me today, for the view into your week, and not only a very blessed Easter to you but a very Happy Birthday to your husband!

Kim said...

Molded ice cream! How cool is that?!

Great kickoff to the ladies ministry... looks like a wonderful evening.

Two family birthdays close together :) Was Alyssa your hubby's birthday present that year? We have three (out of four) within a one month period. AND Christmas. Crazy!

Have a wonderful week!

rita said...

Two birthdays and Resurrection celebration in one week! Wow!
Wouldv'e loved to have been in your artisan bread class.
Looking forward to connecting again!

Lori Davidson said...

Wow, you had a busy week between church and family!! Two birthdays during Holy Week?! Whew. What a great time to celebrate life, though!!

Love the Women's Ministry pics best--seeing familiar faces. Great godly women...

momma frans said...

happy birthday to all those to whom it applies this week!! :-) so glad you're back!

Rebecca Jo said...

Molding ice cream... that's crazy...... & neat & cool! :)

That set up on stage? Took me a second & when I saw it was a siloutte of a body, I got chills! NICE dramatic effect!