Saturday, December 17, 2011

Project 365 - Week 51

 Week 51.

Well, coming back from vacation is always hard.  But I had so much going on this week that I didn't have time to notice!!!

As I am typing this, I am done with all my Christmas shopping, all my kids are home and I am a happy mama!!!  Can't get much better than that!

Here's my week:

 Jared was asked to play his French Horn in service today.  He did such a good job!  He was so nervous and I am VERY proud of him!!!

 Stopped by Alyssa's apartment to check out her tree!  I grudgingly gave over some of her ornaments to her....I was just not ready for that.

 Can you guess what today is?
Yep, prep day.....ugh.
I think I will never drink Apple juice again!!!

 And after prep day comes......colonoscopy day.  This was not near as bad as I had made it in my head.  In fact, thanks to this IV port....I don't remember it at all!!!! :)

 Today I attended the funeral of a friend's father.  He was only a year younger than my own father and it really hit home to me that I need to enjoy every minute with my parents.

 My kids are home!!!!!!!!!
Of course, we pulled out a old one this time, cranium.
I think I laughed till I cried!!!!
I love my family!

Today was my Ladies Tea for the women of my church.  I baked 5 cakes for it.
 This Chocolate cheesecake was actually baked by The Cyber Hermit.  She was gracious enough to help me out!!

 Red Velvet Cake

 Old Fashioned Pound Cake

 Strawberry Cake

 Tiramisu Cake

My friend, Laya, hosted it at her house this year and it was so much fun!!!

So, how was your week?  Are you ready for Christmas?  Done Shopping?  Link up and share with us!!!


momma frans said...

colonoscopies I am unfortunately all too familiar with. but you're right, the prep is the worst part. it's SO much better than it used to be, when i started having them (12 years ago) trust me. :-/
the cakes look delicious!!
have y'all played quelf?? it's so much fun, and seems like a game your family would really get into.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh my stars those cakes are amazing! I would love the recipe for the Tiramisu Cake, it looked to die for! They all did in fact!

Well I'm not sure what happen but I actually got all seven days this week and managed to get mt post up this morning.... shocking!

Great week!

I am contemplating starting a box for the DD of ornaments that are specifically for her to take with her when she leaves home so i will already have my brain wrapped around the concept of parting with them.....


My daughter played french horn in high school. I love the sound of one. I know what you mean about giving up their ornaments. I remember when Kat got married and I gave her tree seemed naked. The cakes were to die for. I could not tell you which was my favorite. They all looked yummy. Cranium is one of our family game night games too. Loved your week. Have a good one!

Kim said...

I'm simply drooling over all those lovely, scrumptious cakes :) I made one Friday, and we gave it to the neighbors on one side. When we get back I'll make cakes for the neighbors on the other side. But mine aren't nearly as pretty as yours.

So glad all your kids are home for the holidays and you can enjoy plenty of family time in the coming days!

The Bug said...

I'm drooling over the cakes. I think I might have to plan a special trip to Arkansas just to visit you & CH. :)

My mom didn't give me any ornaments from her tree - she bought us some ornaments of our own & then we decided on our "theme" & got our own ornaments. But I had a tiny little Hallmark tree that I decorated prior to getting married.

RaD said...

I love Cranium! I usually get designated to the blind drawings too, so I knew exactly why Alyssa had her eyes closed in that picture.

rita said...

Oh, the cakes!!!
(And where does Cyber Hermit live???
Bug, pick me up on your way to Arkansas.)
Glad you, Sara, got over the procedure and could laugh and enjoy the family!
I have been giving ornaments away for some time now. Our newly married granddaughter reminded me of that recently.
I am looking forward to the family gathering in this big house, but sort of dreading the big move after.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Rebecca Jo said...

The prep is the worst part, isnt it?!?!?!? Glad that's over. So important to have done though!

Love you have such an amazing family & you enjoy spending time together... so precious.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Looks like a great week...busy but good :) I know you are loving your kids all being home. Enjoy the time!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your Christmas. I love, love, love reading about your families generosity.

Love you, Sara!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

those cakes look yummy. enjoy your time with your kiddos home

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

those cakes look yummy. enjoy your time with your kiddos home

He & Me + 3 said...

Yeah for all the kids being home. What a nice time. Love that you always play board games. That is our family time too. Love all the desserts too. Wowzers. I am 10 pounds heavier just drooling over them. Yum
Have a blessed Christmas!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

So good to have the kids home huh? Oh and those cakes ALL look wonderful!

StephieAnne said...

Wow, you really did hit the ground running! (Well, except for that colonoscopy part...but good girl for getting that done!). I love seeing your family with a board game in front of you all - makes me believe that in those moments for you, "all is right in the world!"

Lisa said...

Mmmm...all that fresh fruit!!

I cannot believe you did vacation in December. You are WAY more organized than I!

Alyssa's tree is super cute! I'm sure she'll always remember it fondly.