Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project 365 - week 46

 Week 46.

I was sad to see my friends leave at the beginning of this week.  It was so much fun to have them here, to wake up each morning and get to have coffee with them and it went way too fast!!!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!!

I am sad to say that I have a bunch of sickies AGAIN!!!  And if you saw my "letter of intent" yesterday then you know I am just a bit tired of it!!!  I spent Friday and Saturday disinfecting the whole house!!!  Ugh.  I am hoping for a healthy start to the next week and praying that I don't get any of it!!!!

Here's my week:

Today was another great day.
I love when a sermon at church speaks directly to me..that's what happened today!  We then came home, had lunch and proceeded to all nap the afternoon away!!  perfect!
We went to Conway for dinner (30 minutes from here) with Wendi and Jerry and then Steve and Nathan enjoyed some guy time out on the deck.
  for our last night together, the girls went to Spirited Art.  It's a Girls-Nite-Out art class in town and was so much fun.  We painted this Tree of Life.  You can go here to learn more about it!


It's always a sad day when your friends leave and vacation is over!
I spent the day at home....laundry, cleaning, catching up on my bible study...nothing really picture worthy.  So, this picture came from the other day.  The leaves around Little Rock have suddenly burst with color!!  I think this is the most color I have seen since we moved here!
No picture today.
I left the house at 8:30 and didn't make it home tell after 4:00.
Wednesdays can be so crazy for me this time of year!

 Today I was tired and I didn't have any where to be.  So I stayed in my robe and slippers for most of the morning.  I took advantage of the quiet to spend some much needed time with God.  It was a pretty great morning!

11-11-11 today!
Steve and I started the day at Bside for breakfast.  
This breakfast sandwich was!!!

The rest of the day I spent SCOURING my house with bleach and lysol.
You see everyone is sick and Steve is sick AGAIN with a cold..ugh.
 Tonight was the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra concert.
You can see Jared's head peeking up above his music stand.
 The title was Beethoven in Blue Jeans, so all the kids wore jeans. They did a great job!  Then after the ASYO, we stayed for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra concert which was awesome!
It was the maestro's birthday so they had these hats for all the audience to wear when he came out...he has crazy hair!! It was pretty funny.  My niece came up from OBU to join us....I think it actually looks like an extension of her hair! ha!

So how was your week?


momma frans said...

at first glance, it DOES look like your neice's real hair. thats funny.
that sandwich looks delicious!!
so sorry ya'll are still fighting the sickies. thats so frusterating! praying for a very long stint of health for your whole family! :-)


Loved your pictures. Sorry you guys have been sick. Loved the sandwich...I could almost taste it.

Lisa said...

Once in a while I like to deep clean my house like that...such a good feeling to chase the germs away. Hopefully all the sickness is gong to be gone for the holidays.

Love it when I sneak in extra time with God. He never disappoints!

LuAnn said...

Hope everyone is finally well at your house. I think we are all good here.

Love the head pieces - funny.

Have a great week.

Blessings to you !!

rita said...

I DO understand how the days go by with no photos. On Friday I realized I had no pics for Mon-Thurs, so I went back and found or took some representative ones.
I also relate to the need for down times.
Great that you still do go out to breakfast even when Steve is not feeling so good.
Be well. Be blessed.

April's adventure said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week...of course 3 days you saw me so how could it be bad???? HA

The Bug said...

Those hats are funny - I think your niece should wear hers all the time :)

I had to laugh about your Wednesday - I leave every morning before 7:30 & get home around 6:00 - but then I don't do all the cooking & cleaning you do. And since I'm a terrible cook that works best for Mike & me :)

Hope you have an illness-free week!

semperfi said...

I love the painting!!! Great job.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week and yes it's always sad when good friends have to leave. Hope everyone gets better soon...yuck to sickness; the boys and I had our flu shots last's to hoping they work this season!
I know it's crazy that Santa is already there and even crazier that I let my hubby put our tree up...but it does make our house a bit more festive! lol I think he is making up for last year when we only had it up for about 2 weeks since we moved about that time.
The cake pops are easy to make just time consuming...but the yumminess makes up for it! Have a great week!

H-Mama said...

that's not your hair, too? ;) hope everyone stays well for you! and that you have more mornings like thursday. ;) love your canvas... great job!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I didn't P365 this week (it would all have been pictures of me pulling my hair out over Visiting Dude) but hope to be back up with some pictures next week.

I think my favorite picture is the slippers. Some days you just gotta!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

So sorry you have had sickies...again. Hoping you stay well! I'm so impressed with your art work!

Susan said...

I'm really loving those slippers!!!

The photo of the autumn leaves is my favorite. I think its so beautiful.