Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project 365 - week 41

 Week 41.

This was such a fun week for me.  I always love going home and visiting my family but this week we celebrated my dad's 80th was a blast!!!  I have such a wonderful family!!  It is going to be hard to go home tomorrow for sure!

Here's my week:

Today we taught the kids about the temptation of Christ.
I wanted them to understand what a temptation was, so we took a "temptation" walk.
The kids were told that as we walked, they had to stay ON the path.  If they made it to the end of the path, there would be a wonderful surprise..

But along the turns of the path there were things to tempt them to leave the, money, toys, candy, cupcakes.....they could leave the path if they wanted and enjoy that one thing, but then they would forfeit the surprise at the end...
 There were people at each station trying to tempt the kids to come enjoy the items they were offering.  We told the kids to recite "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" to help them stay on the path....

...every child made it to the end!!!
and the surprise was that they received everything on the path that was tempting them!!!
After the older kids did the walk, they came back and buddy'd up with a younger child and walked with them and encouraged them to stay on the path too.
It was a GREAT lesson!!!

It used to be Sunday that I had a hard time getting a picture... that has changed to Monday...ugh.
I put my dad on the plane today, it would have been hard to say goodbye except for the fact I am flying out there in the morning for his 80th birthday. 
I could have flown with him, but I didn't want to miss my bible study tonight.  This Isaiah study has been so good, so convicting...I don't want to miss any of it.
 You know I am in Tucson when you see this picture!  Eegee's is local and the first place I hit after getting off the plane!!!

Playing around with my camera in my mom's backyard.
Doing my bible study on my parents back porch.....great way to start my day!!

Went to Trader Joe' wish we had one in Arkansas.  Did you know brussel sprouts grew like this?  I didn't!!
 My cousin and her husband flew in for dad's party and we all got to have dinner tonight.  Steve flies in tomorrow.


 Celebrating Dad's 80th birthday!!
 He was so in his element and having a ball!!!  
I loved seeing people I had grown up with but hadn't seen for years!!! 

It was a great evening and a huge success!!
  Spent the day showing my cousin's husband around Tucson.  I miss the desert more and more each time I come beautiful!
 Then in the evening, everyone came to mom and dad's for dinner.  I made rosemary skillet chicken for everyone.

This morning, I got to visit with my dear friend, Cecilia.  It was so great to get caught up on each other's lives!!  Cecilia and I were best friends in HS and in each other's weddings.  She recently moved back to Tucson so I look forward to getting to see her more often!!!

So how was your first week of October?


StephieAnne said...

It does look like a great week indeed! I LOVE that temptation walk that you did with the kids. So special...

And, the pics of Arizona...sigh - it looks like a wonderful place to be right now!

Happy birthday to your dad!

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week. Happy birthday to your dad - your parents look great!

Now I wish I could eat some of that rosemary chicken :)


Happy Birthday to your dad and your week looked like it was a great one. Loved that cool cactus.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a great week and fun pictures. that chicken looks yummy

rita said...

You and Steve look so young inj the desert pic.
Aren't Bible studies just sooooo good! That Isaiah one interests me. We are listening to Isaiah on the Daily Audio Bible right now.
All your photos are great! What a fun, marvelous week!

Judy said...

I was impressed with the very concrete lesson on temptation you taught the kids. What a great visual for what can be an abstract concept. I bet that will stick in their minds.

Lisa said...

"so good and so convicting" don't usually go in the same sentence together. :) Is there a DVD that goes with it or is it just the study book?

So happy the party went well. Your mom is such a classy lady, isn't she?

momma frans said...

ok, i love love love the temptation walk!!!
i did NOT know that about brussel sprouts. i never would have guessed. weird.
i know ive said this before put your parents are precious--a beautiful couple. happy birthday to your dad!

McCrakensx4 said...

You were back home during a great weather spurt! It cooled way down! So glad that everyone had a great time at your dad's birthday party...what a special time for your family!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Looks like a wonderful week! Love that temptation lesson you did!

And I'm not a fan of brussell sprouts :)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I have NOT seen Brussel sprouts growing and I am FASCINATED by them! Wow. We have a Trader it...glad it isn't TOO, TOO close though!

Sara, Happy Birthday to your dear Dad. Your mother is strikingly beautiful with her white hair and gray suit! Lovely!

H-Mama said...

i am completely distracted by your yummy looking chicken dish! ;)

happy birthday to your dad! he makes 80 look good! :)

debi9kids said...

I love the temptation walk! How awesome that they all made it :)

It looked and sounded like so much fun. ( I loved doing stuff like that with youth group)

Your dinner looks amazing. My mouth is watering.