Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Sad Love

I took this idea from Meredith's blog.
Seemed like a good way to update you on life at my house.
So here goes...

Things that make me happy....
* cooler temps!
* great start to my son's senior year
* my son making the LR Youth Orchestra
* trying new recipes and loving them!
* a quiet house
* reading a book I have trouble putting down
* my daughter being able to just "stop by"!!  It makes me so happy to see her face and be able to hug her...after 4 years of her being 8 hours away!!
* lunch with friends
* bible study starting soon
* having our children's program at church almost fully staffed for the year
* watching the US Open

Things that make me sad....
* the 5lbs I gained over the summer....ugh....added to the 5lb I gained in the spring.
* that So You Think You Can Dance is over
* one of my best friends dealing with cancer and being so far away
* watching the ugliness that can happen when we let pride get in the way of being church and seeing it tear apart a congregation (not my church..but one we support)
* that I know exactly how this pastor and his wife feel
* almost being done with a book I haven't been able to put down
* summer being over
* a quiet house...I's a happy/sad kind of thing.
* people I love turning away from God

Things that I love......
* my kids wanting to come home for Labor Day weekend and bring friends
* my niece attending a college close to me and also coming to my house this weekend and bringing a friend
* the thought of how LOUD, fun and messy my house will be in just a few days!
* that my husband and I have our Friday date day back now that everyone is in school
* that my husband and I LOVE and look forward to our Friday date day!!
* good friends
* my family
* my relationship with God and knowing/seeing how much He cares for me

How about you?  What things make you Happy, sad or love right now?


April's adventure said...

Great list!!! I think I agree with a lot of them. I need to start 'blogging' on my blog. You inspire me.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great lists. might have to steal this for my blog today since I don't know what I want to blog about

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great list! I think we should all steal this one....

I am happy the hubs will be home from a business trip tonight....

I am sad that he will have to leave again on Monday morning or another trip...

I love....I think I need to work up my own list for my next post.

Great idea!


Penny said...

Love your lists.

Let's see...Happy: That we finally OWN our house. Sad: That I still have so much work to do on it. Love: My baking (but that's sad, too, cause I eat too many cupcakes!!!!).

The Sneaky Mommy said...

SO fun to read!
Happy: your sweet comments and your blog! Kindred spirit! Baby smiles, big boys that still give kisses and hugs and a growing girl that can't wait for her first girly devotional book to come in the mail!

Sad: oh, who knows! Crazy baby blues! I've felt sadness over many of the same things in your list. Right now we have so many people on the verge of making right choices or accepting Christ. Have to trust!

Love: silly, but BLT's and root beer floats are at the top of my list this week! :) My super caring husband and a baby that still carries a bit of surprise for our family are also at the top!

Have an awesome week! I'll be thinking of you enjoying and entertaining a house full of "big kids"! :)

H-Mama said...

i'm happy to finally catch up with you!! it's been too long. life has been a bit busy lately... which only means that touching my computer at the end of the day is the last thing i've wanted to do. ;)

girl, i just can't imagine your baby being 8 hrs away for 4 yrs. so glad she is closer to you now {even if that means she isn't here}. ;)

nothing like a great book. have you read 'the help' yet?

congratulations to jared! and i'm sure your family is very grateful to have you nearby for your niece.


StephieAnne said...

I love this idea - I kind of did my own introspective post regarding this transition time of year, but not nearly as complete as years. (It's a much less stressful time than last year, mostly I was just rejoicing).

I find myself (once again) relating to you in so many ways. That "quiet house" thing...oh man, I feel that in my desire for it in the next couple of weeks mixed with my mourning for it to happen in the next couple of weeks. That weight gain....add about 10 additional pounds and that's where I'm at right now! (The day after Labor Day always marks the end of my summer binging....which also makes transitioning back to reality extra hard too).

Also, curious about the book you just finished. I think I saw it on Pinterest - it looks intriguing. I'm definitely an eclectic reader, especially when it comes to the "fantasy/imaginative fiction".

I'm excited you have plans for such a happy Labor Day weekend. Likewise, we'll be hanging with my sis' family up in Dallas rejoicing in the return of Duck Football...

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I love lists...Happy Labor Day weekend Sara!


Hummm...we would share a lot of the same responses. Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day.

UnityFaith-Women to Women said...

Thanks for posting this, it gave me a little peek into your life. God Bless.

Mimi said...

You have a great list. I've discovered some things about myself that tell me I need to get back to basics and figure out where I'm headed. Great post.

Hugs & love,