Friday, July 15, 2011

Letters of Intent

Joining Foursons today for Letters of Intent.

Dear Summer, heat, mother nature or whoever is in charge of this unbearable weather;

It is HOT.

And it is HUMID.

And this is NOT a good combination.

Hot and in when you walk out the door, your glasses immediately fog up. in, you feel like you took another shower the instant you walk outside. in, my hair is not just curly...I have a fro. in, it is not even fun to lay out by the pool. in, it is not fun to lay out by the pool because the water in your pool is 90 degrees and no longer refreshing. in, your A/C can not possibly keep up because your living room windows face the relentless afternoon sun. in, your electricity bill all-of-a-sudden looks more like your mortgage payment. in, you actually WANT to go to the grocery store because they keep the A/C cooler than your house and you can hang out in the frozen foods section for a while in, you can no longer sleep with a comforter but can only use a sheet, if that....which I hate. in, the rain yesterday did not even cool things off but made it feel more like a sauna.

I would appreciate a slight reprieve, please...
...or at least the funds to go back to Wyoming till it cools off.

Come to think of it, if I just shut down the A/C, I would have enough money to go back to Wyoming.

See... it is so hot and humid it is making me crazy.

Please move us straight to fall.


the woman who previously loved summer over all other seasons but is now considering changing her mind.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...'s been hot and humid here too, but I still don't think it's as bad as Texas summers. Feelin' for ya, girl.

BTW, I am very well acquainted with EVERY ONE of your complaints. Been there. This is aaaaallll empathy, baby.


Penny said...

Go ahead and sign my name to that letter too!!

Foursons said...

Amen! I don't think you could have said that any better. I don't think there is a word to describe how HOT it has been here lately.

And in response to your comment on my letter about Jakob's snack- I so feel you on the picky eater. It is a tough road to parent because all the "conventional" things that parenting magazines and other moms tell you to do just won't work. Jakob has had a blood transfusion because he refused to eat and had to get an IV for fluids because I thought I should win the battle of drinking plain water over flavored. All in the name of I-will-be-a-good-parent. *sigh* The pressure we put on ourselves.

Anyways- thanks for linking up!

H-Mama said...

straight to fall. amen!

i'm doing my best to stay away from the pool scene as much as possible. it's for our own safety. ;)

and my mom-wagon has been having a/c issues for 2 yrs now... so i was not one to complain when the cold weather was lingering. i love it!!

maybe we could all be saving for that alaskan trip, eh? *wink*wink*

Cathy said...

We had that earlier this week, but the last couple of days have been beautiful. Now it's starting to get hotter and the weekend is supposed to be miserable again. Yuck.

Amy said...

Nope summer has never been my favorite... for all of those reasons. I am in the south so I am just as hot as you are. It is miserable!!! I can't even take my kids out to play :-( Lets hope your letter works!!!!

Anonymous said...

You must live in the South. I don't care for summer but I love fall! Our weather in Texas is the same, but I take comfort in the fact that fall is around the corner. That and spend alot of time at the local waterpark!

Have a great weekend!!

LuAnn said...

Love this !!! I can really relate to the "fro" with my curly hair too. The curling iron does nothing because when you step outside the frzz begins. !!!

Prayers for you next weekend at the conference. I an only imagine what an amazing experience it will be :)

Rachel said...

Yikes!!! We are having rain, rain, and more rain until Tuesday - so thankful it isn't humid.

Hope you get some cooler weather soon!

Karin said...

I remember our times in OK when both the boys were born--in July. I had never felt such heat and humidity. So I know what you are saying. But I've gotta's still better than 4 feet of snow. And if Fall comes...UGH. Winter is not far behind.