Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project 365 - Week 25

 Week 25.

Summer is definitely keeping me from my blog.  I think I only posted once this week....ugh.  It just seems like by the time evening comes, I am too tired to blog.  The lack of schedule does me in every year....but I am going to work it!!!

Things are going to be quiet around here with Jared gone on a mission trip.  Then Steve and I will be leaving Friday on our vacation......whoop!!!!!


But for now, here is my week:

No picture today!
it was a busy day at church as I was trying to finalize my summer schedule and workers.
Then we went to lunch with some friends that were giving us info on Jackson Hole for our upcoming vacation....can.not.wait.
Dinner found our life group as guests at another life groups house...very fun!!!

The "throne" is fixed!!!
And all are happy!

 It was H.O.T today....
That and working 4 hours at the pharmacy to fill in, then 2.5 hours at the church getting the summer curriculum together, then cooking dinner..grilling in that heat.....left me exhausted and HOT.  This is where I stayed most of the night...with my scrubs pulled up and a nice glass of wine!
Started the process of making jerky for Jared to take with him on his mission trip to Brazil.  It ensures that he will eat something while he is there!!!  :)

I'm cooking with gas, baby!!!!
My mother's Day gift finally got installed!!!
I can not tell you how happy I am to be cooking with gas again...good riddance electric cooktop!!!
She's a hero!!!!!
This morning, Steve and I were having coffee and watching the news and Lily came up to us with that I-have-to-go-out-NOW look.  Steve got up to let her out, but she went to the front door instead, which was weird.  When Steve followed her, he heard our 67 yr. old neighbor yelling in her front yard...she had fallen off a ladder and broken her ankle.  If Lily hadn't gotten our attention, who knows how long she would have laid out there.....such a great dog!!!
We saw Jared and the rest of the missions team off this afternoon.  They will spend the night in Memphis and then head to Brazil tomorrow.  I am so excited to see how God will use them there!!! Please pray with me for safe travel.....2 years ago their plane got hit by lightening!!

Then this little cutie came to spend the evening with us!!!
 I have one more year to enjoy this little one and then his parents will be moving to Houston....that will be a very sad day!!!

So how is your summer going so far?  Link up!!


momma frans said...

love the cooktop!! I'm now craving beef jerky....

Cathy said...

Looks like a busy and wonderful week. Praying your son has a safe and great missions trip.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ooooh!!! Jackson Hole!! Nice.

Jealous of your gas range.

Praying for Jared and the team!!

P.S. Let it be known that my post has been ready since around 4:30, and I was waiting for YOU to post yours so I could get my link in!! :) (It's true!)

RaD said...

Yay! for your hero!

It's been hot here too. That little boy is a cutie. And yes, I will pray for the team's safety.

Elizabeth said...

We have had some hot days here in Vegas also... of course this being my first summer out here I am really suffering with the heat!
I love cooking with gas!
Such a nice Mom making jerky for your son.

Ladynred said...

What a wonderful week. I love the last shot of the cute!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I can so relate to the busy life no blog time feeling. I'm lucky to get my 365 and my Tasty Tuesday posted each week. oh well such is life. hope you have a great week and try to stay cool

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a great week, a new stove top...I know you will enjoy that with all the good cooking yuou do!


My DD will be off to Costa Rica in a week as well, we love to see them with a servant's heart but it is hard to watch them go as well...


Lisa said...

ALyssa looks pretty comfortable holding that little guy. That'll be your grandhildren before you know it. :)

I love cooking with gas!

Can;t wait to hear all about your adventures on vacation. I thought about you a lot yesterday as I met LuAnn at Quincy Market in Boston. :)


Loved that sweet baby picture. My daughter Kat and her husband Brian are in Moldova on a mission trip right now. They have been there since last Monday and will be returning late tomorrow night. They have been working in an orphanage.

The Bug said...

What a great dog! I'm so glad she alerted you guys.

I'm excited for Jared - what a great experience for him!

LuAnn said...

Good Morning from Boston -

Alyssa and the baby are so cute together. Yeah for Lily to the rescue :)

Had fun with Lisa and her family yesteday. WE talked about you and how you met where we did. I am thinking - sometime we should have a blogger gathering. Wouldn't it be fun to meet eveyone. Had such a great afternoon visiting with Lisa.

Enjoy your vacation. We are headed to NYC today but get to drive the coast so will have a little beach time today.

debi9kids said...

yeah to your new cooktop!

What a good dog!

And will certainly be praying for a safe journey for your son and a wonderfully fulfilling mission.

Rebecca Jo said...

Wow - homemade beef jerky. I'm sure it will be gobbled up!

Be careful with that gas! My husband was in an accident with the gas so it makes me nervous now.

Kim said...

I want a gas cooktop too! :)
Busy, busy, busy... I think your summers are busier than the rest of the year. LOL
But it sounds like lots of fun (other than the scorching heat).
Praying for Jared and the mission team!

McCrakensx4 said... your new stove! And your dog is a hero...Lassie would be proud; good dog! Glad that the throne is fixed..we have 2 that are broken :(
and hoping and praying that the mission trip is going well

Karin said...

Being a non-cook type, I don't quite understand the love of gas stoves, but I know a lot of cooks like them better. The mission trips sounds exciting...can't wait to hear how it goes!

Rachel said...

Okay - I really, really love your dog :)

And umm... you mentioned that the cutie's parents are moving. Does that mean he has to too? :) Oh drat.