Friday, June 17, 2011

Letters of Intent

Today I am joining Foursons in Letters of Intent. 
Head over to her blog to read other "letters"!

Dear Summer,

You know I LOVE you.  You are my favorite season of the year.  When others are complaining of your heat, I am relishing might be my Arizona roots, but I think it's that I just do not like to be cold!!  

I love everything about you, Summer........except the havoc your place on my schedule.

I can not keep a schedule during summer for the life of me.   Who wants to get up at 6:00am when you don't have to? seriously.  However, I find that lack of discipline puts me behind the 8 ball for the rest of the day.  And if I do some how manage to stick to a schedule, the pool always often beckons me away....completely shattering said schedule.

I blame you, Summer, for the fact that I can not keep track of what day it is in the week.  You make every day seem like Saturday!  This brain fart of sorts caused me to forget it was actually Saturday last week, which then caused me to forget that my son was supposed to take the ACT test......epic fail and loss of $45.  I would like to know how you plan to make that up to me!!!!

However, dear Summer, I will endure the lack of schedule, the loss of day knowledge and all that goes with that for you!  Your benefits FAR out weigh your drawbacks!!!


the woman that becomes blonde in the summer.


Dear Lily,

I always knew you were the best dog EVAH!  Not only do you mind perfectly and protect our house and save children from peril in the pool....

.....but now we have found we need to change your name to Lassie!!!!

This morning when you came up to Steve, giving him that I-need-to-go-outside look, we were a little confused when you headed to the front door instead of the back.

Taking us to the front door, allowed us to hear our  67 year old neighbor screaming in her front yard......she had fallen off a ladder and broken her ankle.

Because of you, we were able to get her to the ER quickly and help her out.

Lily, you are one amazing dog.  We love you so much and now can attach HERO to your title!!!!


Your loving and very amazed owner!


Cathy said...

Wow! Lily is really a hero!

Anonymous said...

Hugs and special treats for a month for Lily Lassie....wink wink...what an awesome girl!

I too love summer ...

H-Mama said...

with heat indexes reaching 110 this weekend, i can't say that i share the same love for summer that you do. i'm not an extreme cold girl either. guess i want the best of both worlds. ;) it does throw one's schedule off though, huh?

and lily... amazing. dogs are simply wonderful to have around.

Foursons said...

What a great dog! I'm so glad you have her so your neighbor did not suffer for who knows how long.

I am the same way about summer. If I crawl out of bed before 9am it is for an appt, NOT because I'm done sleeping. We have no schedule either and the pool (I WISH we had one in our backyard)calls to us on a daily basis too.

Thanks for linking up!

Karin said...

Wow...what a great dog! Maybe your neighbor should get one, too. :) I'm so with you on summer!! LOVE it...know the lack of schedule isn't the best...but ohhhhh, I love it anyway. :)

Angie said...

Love the letters!

Enduring summer to get to my fave season: Autumn!!

What an amazing story about the dog/neighbor. I can just see our little puppy doing the same thing. The things she hears...

Fun post!

StephieAnne said...

WAY TO GO LILY!!! What a great little story.

I'm feeling the same way about summer, it just feels like doing anything requiring discipline is 3 times as hard!