Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer request....

Kathleen did GREAT with the surgery.  Her kidney was safely placed in little Macy's body and she is already producing urine!!!!  Both are doing great.  Thanks to all my blogging friends for all your prayers!!

I am still on my vacation.....and loving every minute!

However, my friend, Kathleen, is having surgery early Wednesday morning to donate one of her kidneys to a little girl in desperate need of one.  Kathleen and her husband were here with us for a few days but flew out this morning to Chicago to prepare for the surgery.

Please pray:

1. that it will work.  there is a chance that Macy's body will attack the new kidney.
2. that all aspects of the surgery will go smoothly
3. peace for Kathleen's family and Macy's family during surgery
4. recovery and healing would go well
5. That God would get all the glory

Thank you friends. 
I am so inspired by my friend and the sacrifice she is making for this little girl.  I will try to update tomorrow when I hear how it all went.


Elizabeth said...


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Yes. Prayers.

Rebecca Jo said...

Most definitely!!! I want to make sure though - do you mean the body may attack the new kidney? you had said "liver" & didnt know if it meant even MORE problems? ... Oh, God's got it all covered & knows, doesnt He? We'll just leave it at that! ... what an amazing gift to give your kidney. Prayers covering EVERYONE involved here!

LuAnn said...

God be with all during this time - Prayers are being sent right now !!

What a blessing that Kathleen was able to be were her friends and I am sure prayers were said when you were all together too.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

This is defiantly a true example of sacrificial love. I will be praying for God's healing had in all those involved with the surgery!

Continued blessing for the rest of your vacation.


Mimi said...

As somone who only has one kidney I am in awe of someone who would donate one. I will be praying.

Hugs & love,

Angie said...

Stopped and prayed. Looking forward to answered prayer!


Prayer offered up and please keep us posted on the outcome. Looking forward to praise reports on both.