Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project 365 - Week 19

Week 19.

This was a crazy busy week for me.  We had our Fine Arts Luau and the end of the week and getting ready for hit took all my spare time.  Today, I feel like a truck hit me and have had a hard time doing much.....except, of course, going to lunch with my bf and buying a new cute pair of shoes!!  You are never too tired to do that! ha!

This week I will be preparing to go to Texas to watch my daughter graduate from college...magna cum laud....I am so very proud of her!!

Here is my week:
  Arkansas has really been hit hard this spring.  Last night we had a huge storm with flash flooding. So many homes were flooded.  You can see that the water came with in 5 inches of flooding the church foyer.

I marked the two NEW waterfalls we have at the back of our lot...gushing water...crazy!!!

 But the good news today is that I finally saw our family of geese!!!  This is their 5th year to come to our church pond that I know of.  I love watching them!!


still raining and seriously COLD today!
I refused to turn on my heat in MAY, so lit a fire....I did cave later in the day and turned the heat on!!
 Took this from my car.  This is the AR river and you can't really tell but the water is extremely high!  I tried to get the boat slip with boats still attached to it floating in the river, but missed it as I drove by.  The flooding has done major damage in our area.  Even the interstate from here to Memphis has been closed due to water!!  


Got a new hair cut today.
Why does a new hair cut make you feel so good?
However, you will never see it this straight again....I have not mastered the use of a flat iron, plus I just don't have the patience! :)
 Got to visit with my friend, Lori, today.  I forgot to take a picture so I took one of your house as I drove away!  Lori and I live in the same area, but met originally by blogging.  I thought she lived in a town about 15 minutes from here, but found out this week that she is practically in my back yard!!!!  

 We had a big Luau at the school tonight to celebrate the Fine Arts.
Dinner, art show/auction, drama entertainment and carnival...all ending with a band concert.
Jared is a teaching assistant and directed the beginning band!
So proud of him!

I love our Head of School, he is a super guy.
And I thought it was very cool that he let the kids face paint his head!!!

Happy to have Jason home....even if it is just for the weekend!!
That's my week!  Actually there was a whole lot more to it, but couldn't get all the pictures would be a book! ha!


The Bug said...

Ha! My post being a book has never stopped me before! I have some flooding pictures too - although it hasn't been as scary up here. Congrats to your daughter. And I LOVE your hair!

Tiffany said...

Yikes!!! LoTS of rain.

Hair looks awesome....and YES, they make me feel tons better:D

Great pictures!

Have a GREAT week.

The Cyber Hermit said...

Hair looks good :).

And way to go for Jared and his conducting skills. That's pretty impressive.

Lisa said...

I'm with Bug...too many pictures never stopped me before. I like your hair! But I am the same way with straightening...not very good at it and no patience.

Wow! yay for Alyssa AND Jared. So much to be proud of!

I love Steve's smile in all your pictures. You can tell he is humoring the "crazy lady with the camera and the blog" but he does it so lovingly and consistently (at least that's what it looks like :)

Crazy rain!

I bet you and Lori had a great time...she seems like such a great lady and I already know YOU are!

Have a safe, fun trip! Come back with pictures and tales for us...

McCrakensx4 said...

That is a LOT of rain...not so fun I am sure.Hope you dry out soon. Congrats to your daughter for graduating with honors...awesome job! And Jared for his great! Love your new do! I was uneasy about using the flat iron as well, but now I love it! and it's so very easy!

rita said...

How fun that you could get together with Lori.
That hair style really suits you.
These are busy, busy days for you. Have a wonderful week!

Ladynred said...

You have a lovely haircut! Have a blessed mother's day!


Hey...I think the more pictures the better. I love looking at what other people take. LOVE your hair. Have a wonderful day and safe trip to Texas. is very impressive.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that is a crazy amount of rain. we could use some of it here in FL. love the hair cut. hope you have a great week

LuAnn said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I know that feeling of being hit by a truck after our prom last night. Had fun with the other parents by really 1:15 a.m. is too late for 7:45 a.m. church but I made it.

Again - love your hair and how exciting for your family to have Alyssa graduating high honors. Can't wait to see the pictures.
We will be leaving for MN on Friday for my niece's graduation on Saturday. My whole family will be together - 1st time since Christmas of 09. Can't wait.

Enjoy your time - will she get to come home right away ???

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I do HOPE your area is drying out nicely!

Happy Mother's Day Sara!
Love your haircut!

Lori said...

Love the hair!! It's sassy! Tell Jason Hi and glad he is home. Melissa and I have been having so much fun since she got home. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

momma frans said...

love the haircut! where does your daughter go to school? is it anywhere near austin by chance? :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

Congrats to your girl. That is awesome. We have had our heat on more this spring than I care to admit. Burrr! Love the family of geese & the back of that guys head is hilarious.

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Mother's day!

RaD said...

Happy Mother's Day!

We've had a few of those close calls when it came to the rain this year at our preschool. Then someone came out and cleaned out the parking lot drain and it's been soo much better.

The photo of the family of geese is sweet!

semperfi said...

Love the geese pic. How fun to watch the babies grow. Hope your flooding goes down soon. Have a great week

Rebecca Jo said...

Isnt it crazy that you even have to think of HEAT during May? CRAZY weather!!!

Love the hair cut... you look fantastic!

Hope everything dries out this week... our river has finally started to go down.

Michelle Burk said...

Great week! Happy Mother's Day you fabulous lady!

Tori said...

I am sure you are over the rain!! LOVE the hair!
Way to go Alyssa!!
Have a great week. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Congrats to your daughter! Such a great accomplishment!

Your hair is super cute!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wow. That's such a cute house. Somebody ought to buy it!! ;)

Looks like the Luau was a success! I know you're glad it's over.

I'm DYING to get my hair cut again!! I just haven't found the time/energy to get over there. I take my kids ya know! Ha! But you're right. It does make one feel better. Maybe I'll call